Crossfire War – Israel’s War with Hezbollah Widens – Ali Larijani in Damascus

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Middle East Theatre: Tehran – Damascus – Beirut/Jerusalem; Israel Air Force 1,000 Sorties in 48 Hours – Hezbollah has Launched 500 Missiles – Hezbollah Missile Stocks in Underground Fortress at Naama 20 miles South of Beirut – Iranian Nat. Sec. Adviser Ali Larjani in Damascus

Night Watch: BEIRUT – According to Debka, Iran National Security Adviser Ali Larijani will remain in Damascus for the duration of the crisis/war with Israel. This is in accord with the Iran-Syria Mutual Defence Pact both governments made official with its signing last month in Tehran. Iran Defence Minister Brigadier Mostafa Mohammad Najjar then stated, “Syria’s security is Iran’s security.” [DEBKA]

Hezbollah has a variety of missiles in its arsenal supplied by Tehran: Katyusha rockets -20 miles (30 km) range, Grad missile-same range but larger warhead of 333mm, Fajjar-5, 40 mile (70km) range and the Zalzal-2, 120 mile (200 km) range. Depending on where these missiles are launched from virtually all of Israel can be hit. [DEBKA]

Israel’s military leadership seems to have been genuinely surprised by the cruise missile that disabled the Israeli warship. The C-802 shore-to-sea missile is based on China’s Silkworm cruise missile design and with a range of 70 miles (120 km). The news reported today that according to Israeli intelligence 100 Iranian military personnel are involved in launching some of the missiles. I suspected they were the ones that launched the first missiles to hit Haifa. [DEBKA]

As has stated constantly Tehran wants a major war with Israel which is why for the better part of a year Iran had Palestinian militant groups launch missiles into Israel knowing that Jerusalem would eventually launch its counter-offensive, not too dissimilar from Israel’s 1967 offensive that June before Egypt-Syria could attack. This is central to Tehran’s strategy, in its crisis creation foreign policy, to use this war against Israel as another unifying crisis-war for the Islamic world. Already there are popular demonstrations in a number of Islamic countries, including Egypt, condemning Israel.

Syria’s military is now in a “state of prepardness” while Iran’s Air Force, missile units and navy are on high alert. Tehran knows that Israel is going to launch a ground invasion and the news is mentioning Israel is already preparing a division. Israel’s Defence Force realizes that invasion is the only way they can destroy the Hezbollah stock pile of missiles, which exceeds 10,000. They have to penetrate far enough into Lebanon to reach the Naama coastal underground fortress constructed by East German engineers in the 1980’s. I suspect they were hired by Iran during the same time Tehran created the Hezbollah as part of Tehran’s preparation for not only war with Israel but also with the West.

It was the day after the Gulf War ended, 15 years ago, that Tehran hired the engineering corporation, headquarted in San Francisco, through its London branch office, to construct the military bases for Iran. Some, if not most, of the facilities are of course underground also. That was the real reason Saddam Hussein was not removed in 1991. When the bases were completed Saddam was then removed, setting the stage for the current war in Iraq to be used not only as a trap for the lost alliance of London-Washington, but also as another unifying crisis for the Islamic world manipulated by Tehran.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.