Crossfire War: Bush Administration Writes Israel Off – Tells Them – Go to the EU

Night Watch: JERUSALEM – Occasionally one comes across information that is especially revealing concerning the decison making level. It gives you more of an idea of what to expect as the crisis deepens.

Yesterday an Israeli publication mentioned that Israel took her serious concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear program to the Bush administration and was told very coldly to take their concerns to the EU. There is a lot of evil in that response. The administration has written them off, essentially telling Israel to go to hell.

This is no surprise. When you look at the administration and for that matter the entire government, and not just recently, it is obvious they have no sense of responsibility, even though they front for business interests that have armed the Jihad, and built bases for it. That is their sense of obligation and representation, the extent of their sense of service. It does not extend beyond those who have made their careers in “public service” possible. Serious concerns about Israel and the deteriorating situation in Iraq does not pay their salary or take care of their trust fund. Threats from Iran and how Tehran intends to use its nuclear arsenal has not been placed on the agenda in front of them.

Perhaps the administration has convinced itself Israel is the only target Iran has in mind, as if the World Trade Center and Pentagon were located in Tel Aviv, in the same way they have psychologically persuaded themselves that the zombie Bin Laden can arrange flight school training, which makes them similar to Bin Laden. The administration was in so many ways admitting that they don’t take any of their public policy statements seriously, that it is all an act. So the last thing Washington wants is to be confronted by real, serious situations, that explode its myths, myths which they intend to use increase their fortune.

That is why they can never realize they are misleading themselves and other people. This is how they’ve been educated, from kindergarten to doctorate. They are doing what they’ve been told by the institutions that have reared them. They don’t know anything else and have no chance to know, they are that insulated. It is a perfect reflection of the society they are part of. Therefore, out of sight out of mind, circle the wagons.

This is what passes for leadership in the U. S., since President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. A lot of integrity was assassinated with him, a genuine sense of responsibility. He did not believe that the primary concern of government should be its percentage of the war profiteering.

The government and the entire society, has been spoon fed and raised on international myths by institutions who live in the world of 1946. The world is ours and we can do as we please with it. Problems in the Islamic world can be solved by a regime change, sponsor a coup, fix an election, or by a small easy war with a profitable occupation afterward.

But regimes in the Islamic world today are a lot more armed than in 1946 and they definitely want to see how well the weapons work and not just against Israel. Washington and the administration have no chance of realizing that. They can’t think beyond the next press conference or speech. The style of the presentation is taken more seriously than the substance. It is also what the viewing public wants, a superficial, artificial style show, it’s how they’ve been programmed.

Corporate interests here, and in Britain that control the foreign policy, point the White House and No. 10 Downing in a policy direction-Middle East, wind them up and tell them to perform, fabricate something, articulate it, present it to the world, as the energy industry continues schemes and arrangements that control so much of the region’s economy. But current war planning has to have a public front that puts it all in perspective, something digestible, easily promoted and I am not surprised the Bush administration used juvenile terminology, “the road map to peace.” Nor is it any shock the juvenile media promoted it and treated it as if it were the gospel. That’s their role in the manipulation.

But in 1946, when arrangments were disrupted it was easy to blame the Soviet Union and Moscow responded according to the Cold War script. But the Council of Guardians in Tehran are by no means the Kremlin. They are a very real, disturbing manisfestation of intelligent, ancient evil, Persian, and they have expertly used the corporate construction/engineering services that made themselves available, not to mention all the Russian scientists and Chinese technicians who realize how well the Jihad pays. Tehran announced its intention more obviously with 9/11 and since then by financing the Islamic resistance in Iraq and are now in the process of creating a Shi’ite dictatorship in Baghdad, democratically elected.

Washington and the EU may have convinced themselves that Iran has yet to develop nuclear weapons, but Israel may have been attempting to confront Washington with proof that Tehran already possesses them, despite what Israel has been saying publicly.

But the Bush administration has no faculty for serious consideration. They are unable to function effectively outside their artificial world. That is why Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is still given to laughing about it, as if he lives in an insane world of his own private jokes. Earlier this year the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder made a quick, emergency visit to Washington to see if reality still had any impact with President Bush. I assume he realized it no longer did if ever. So he probably went back to Berlin saying that it is the Bush administration that has to be written off, but industrial services in the U. S. can be useful in preparing Russia to face the brunt of the war on the main fronts, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The psychological lines upon which the Bush administration have been conditioned automatically cause them to refer the problem elsewhere, in this case, “go to the EU.” Perhaps they have written off Eurasia. If the Bush administration ever attempted to consider the responsibility of the vested interests that control them, and their arming the enemy, they would be lost, completely out of their depth. The awareness of the reality of the situation would kill them. The corruption Washington and No. 10 Downing Street front for are Iran and the Jiahd’s greatest weapon.

But when industry realizes that their strategic, economic, contacts in the Middle East and Central Asia are more obviously threatened, by Tehran than they are now, they will have the Bush administration and No. 10 make a policy shift and withdraw from Iraq as quickly as possible. They will encounter more fighting on the way out than in. The Council of Guardians do not wish to see a lot of those units on other fronts.

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Willard Payne

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.