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California-Israel Merge At Water Summit

A Water Summit speaker panels.
One of the Water Summit speakers panels.

Water Summit To Help California

A Water Summit may seem to be a strange event to hold in California, the state of Silicon Valley and Venture Capital. It is also the state of sunshine, a long coastline, beautiful beaches and too little water.

Israel is water secured and almost climate secured in an arid region. California is not water secured, the state is suffering from a lingering drought and there is no good solution in sight.

Two years ago, California and Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) so Israelis could come to California and teach the Californians how to become water secured and bring along other technologies Israel invented and could be used in California for its benefit.

That brings me to tell you that the California-Israel Water Summit, presented by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), took place today, March 2nd 2016, under the auspices of the Beverly Hills City, at the Wallis Annenberg Center, where politicians, bureaucrats, power companies, labor union leaders, investors and curious people participated. Here are some photos from the Summit but the proof is in the pudding. Talk needs to turn into action.

Water Summit Photos

California-Israel Water Summit announcement banner, March 2 2016
The ladies at the reception table.
One of the Water Summit speakers panels.
The Water Summit participants at lunch.
Seth Siegel, author of the book Let There Be Water.
Speaker Bob Blumenfield, Los Angeles City Council Member.
Speaker Russel Robinson, Jewish National Fund CEO.
Netafim, Israel’s leading water irrigation company.

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