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Protests Grow in Iran as Working Conditions Worsen

working conditions worsen - Torn campaign poster of Ebrahim Raisi in the Iranian 2021 presidential election
Torn campaign poster of Ebrahim Raisi in the Iranian 2021 presidential election

Intolerable Working Conditions

For a worker in Iran, wages and working conditions have become intolerable. Many workers are not making enough to cover the basic necessities, as inflation ravages the country. The economic growth and development predicted by the regime have never materialized.

In Iran, the people are being deprived economically by the policies of the regime and its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC). Repressive tactics are employed to keep the Iranian people in line and punish those who dare to participate in protests and uprisings.

Despite this repressive environment, protests continue to erupt throughout the country. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) Resistance Groups are forming throughout the country as calls grow to boycott the sham election.

Landowners in Pardis Demand Their Land

Landowners in Pardis held a rally in front of the judiciary on June 9. They are demanding their purchased lands be delivered to them. Companies backed by the government and landowners have been going back and forth regarding this issue. The lands were registered in their owners’ names according to the laws of the regime, but despite all their efforts, the judiciary continues to delay in ordering the Pardis Construction company to deliver the land to its owners.

Ripped Ebrahim Raisi Campaign Poster Iranian 2021 Presidential Election

Mahshahr Pipe Mill Company Workers Expelled

Workers at the Mahshahr Pipe Mill Company were expelled. That decision triggered a wave of protests by the workers who complained about their poor working conditions.

“This company used to be without a rival in the Middle East, and during the [Iran-Iraq] war … In the early 2000s, it was transferred to a private owner that had no knowledge of the matter. As a result, the conditions of the factory became worse every day. Different parts of the factory were shut down and, in some parts, only 25 workers remained … Today, there are only 25 workers who have more than 10 years’ experience, and they receive their salaries every three or four months,” said one of the workers.

How are these workers expected to care for their families when they are working and are not getting paid? The factory executives blame the situation on declining sales and the local government is declining to do anything to assist these workers.

Water and Wastewater Workers in Izeh

In Izeh, a group of Water and Wastewater workers held a rally protesting one-year delayed payments and the lack of accountability or refusal to follow up on their demands. These workers are also being denied payments, insurance, and the company is not paying premiums to the social security organization. Despite demands for the local authorities to help the workers get improved working conditions but the officials have declined to act.

Restrictions on the water have limited the ability of rice farmers to raise their crops. The government projects that wastewater is not being slashed, but agriculture is taking the brunt of water restrictive measures. Farmers are left with no way to make a living or support their families. Regime policies caused the terrible conditions they work under.

Banner of Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi in the city of Mashhad, June 16, 2021

Social Unrest a Powder Keg

All of these examples show how in every sector of life, the Iranian people are suffering under the corruption and policies of the regime. Discrimination is mounting and officials are refusing to implement a job classification plan in front of the Tehran City Council on Tuesday.

All these protests are clearly a sign that the regime is dealing with a powder keg of social unrest. This upcoming sham election is only serving to highlight how badly the regime is disconnected from the needs of its people. As poverty runs rampant, Raisi’s installation as president is meant to enforce the repressive measures of the regime and clamp down on the rising number of protests.

Supporting the boycott is about making it clear that the regime is not legitimate in the eyes of the Iranian people. The time has come for change but the election will not provide it.

Ripped Ebrahim Raisi Campaign Poster Iranian 2021 Presidential Election

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