US-Spain Alliance Rooted in Enduring Bonds of History and Heritage

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today met Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez at Viana Palace in Madrid, Spain. Ms. Clinton stressed that U.S.-Spain alliance is rooted in enduring bonds of history and heritage.

Ms. Clinton said she had a a wide-ranging, comprehensive discussion of so many of the important issues with Mr. Jimenez. She added they have discussions not only the bilateral issues, but regional and global issues as well. She highlighted that it underscores the enduring relationship between the United States and Spain.

“Spain is a trusted partner and a valued friend. And together we are leading members of a Transatlantic community that remains an unrivaled force for peace, progress, and prosperity in the world.” -Ms. Clinton

She said their meeting has indeed enhanced their cooperative relationship in a number of areas.

She thanked the foreign minister for Spain’s contributions to the NATO/ISAF mission in Afghanistan. She expressed her condolences to the government and to the families of those Spanish soldiers killed and injured in the last week.

According to Ms. Clinton, this month they will begin the transition to Afghan responsibility that will be completed in 2014.

“I want to applaud the Spanish forces for their bravery and skill, and especially for the excellent work that is being done training the Afghan police force. I am also grateful for the Spanish investment in health care services in Badghis Province, including the construction of a maternity and pediatric center.” -Ms. Clinton

She noted that they have agreed on the importance of moving forward with unity and urgency on all three tracks in Afghanistan: military, civilian, and diplomatic.

She underlined that they have discussed their shared conviction that Qadhafi needs to stop the assault on the Libyan people, and leave power. She added that the United States appreciates Spain’s contributions to enforcing the no-fly zone and the arms embargo.

“The NATO-led mission is on track. The pressure on Qadhafi is mounting. And the rebels have been gaining strength and momentum. We need to see this through, and we are in complete agreement that we will.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton emphasized that Spain is a strong presence at the G20 as a permanent participant. They are partners at the nuclear security summit and in food security, climate change, and shared endeavors in Haiti and elsewhere.

She highlighted that both countries work especially closely throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, where Spain’s continued investment in strong democracies and economies is having a real impact.

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