Ask France: Have Social and Cultural Diversity Collapsed?

Since World War II, the European continent has

abandoned religion and nationalism, equating nationalism to fascism. Immigrants have now set France on fire. Is this social and cultural diversity? Europe suffers from the ostrich syndrome effect, when one buries one’s head in the sand instead of dealing with the situation. The deliberate naivety of the ruling class is revealing.

Guardian of the Walls Military Operation

Though disturbances took place in Israel earlier and continued until a ceasefire came into effect on 21 May, 2021, a major military operation, named Guardian of the Walls, commenced on May 12, 2021. The operation was connected with the ongoing Israeli-PalArab conflict.

On the first day of the conflict, more than 200 rockets were fired at the Jerusalem area, southern Israel and surrounding Gaza Strip Jewish communities. In response, the IDF attacked in the Gaza Strip, which signaled the beginning of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

The Arab terrorist organizations led by Hamas also fired rockets into the Dan region, in Israel’s lowlands, the Negev and the Sharon. The operation continued until a ceasefire, mediated by Egypt, was brokered and came into effect on May 21, 2021.

The purpose of Operation Guardian of the Walls was to restore the security and ensure the safety of Israel and its civilians.

France July 2023 is like Israel May 2021

During May 2021, Israeli-Arabs rioted violently which could be a historical turning point in the relations between Israeli Jews and the Arabs living in the land of Israel.

The scenes in the city of Lod and other Jewish-Arab mixed population cities in Israel resembled the November 9, 1938 – November 10, 1938, Kristallnacht in Germany. The unprecedented Israel Arab population violence could have been seen as a civil war and the army was sent in.

A car set on fire by Israeli Arab residents during riots in the central Israeli town of Lod, on May 11, 2021 - screenshot
A car set on fire by Israeli Arab residents during riots in the central Israeli town of Lod, on May 11, 2021 – screenshot

France 2023, Like the United States 2020-2021

Riots, burning of cars, looting of shops, in the large cities of France, by mostly Muslims, all mirror the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots in the USA during 2020-2021, that started with the death, caused by a policeman, of George Floyd, a man with police record.

The European Continent’s Open Immigration Policy

With the ongoing multi-year wave of Muslim immigration, the French cooked themselves an untasty dish. It may have been with good intentions but now they are eating what they cooked.

It must be emphasized that this is an unambiguous result of the total failure of the European progressive doctrine and its belief about quickly combining cultures into a multicultural society. And so we witness today how these cultures merge when one burns the other.

The culture that is burning France – the Islamist – not only burns the country but also lives at its expense. The Muslim immigrants who arrive in France are welcomed with open arms and immediately receive an abnormal basket of benefits and this creates a lack of incentive to work. They get everything they need from the state, so there is no incentive to integrate.

Emmanuel Macron, France failed president - screenshot
Emmanuel Macron, France failed president – screenshot

Social and Cultural Diversity

The Muslim immigrants in France don’t fit in and they can’t fit in because fit-in in France means you eat everything that is served on your plate, including pork, and drink whatever is in the glass, which in France means French wine and alcoholic beverages. This goes against the Islam religion and most Muslims in Europe are not willing to do it.

There is another problem which is the erasure of borders in Europe. According to the Schengen Agreement* it erases the distinct nationalities of the European countries. What started with riots in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, often simply called Molenbeek, one of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium, crossed the border into France.

*The Schengen Agreement is a treaty creating Europe’s Schengen Area, which encompasses 27 European countries, where internal border checks have largely been abolished for short-term tourism, business trips, or transit to non-Schengen destinations.

Social and Cultural Diversity, Riot police secure the area in front of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France, amid fears of another night of clashes with protesters - Screenshot
Riot police secure the area in front of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France, amid fears of another night of clashes with protesters – Screenshot

The violent riots in France that the police are having trouble suppressing led to the shutdown of public transportation in the evening hours of Friday June 30, 2023.

Douglas Murray wrote about this in his book “The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam,” a continuous process that Murray predicted. In his book, Murray mentions Melanie Phillips and her book “Londonistan” and today there is Paristan.

Today, the magnificent streets of Paris can be compared to the Kasbah* slum in Nablus, both are dangerous to walk through, especially if you are a Jew.

*Kasbah is a Turkish and Urdu word that refers to a community larger than a village but smaller than a city; in short, a town.

As part of European progressivism, the trend is, no need to get married, start a family and have children. As a result, the European economy lacks labor and there is a need to bring in foreign workers to fill the gap. And today the foreign workers have become the foreign arsonists. The whole paradigm of European progressiveness is collapsing before the eyes of the entire world.

Riots in Paris, France,-249 police officers were injured and 875 protesters were arrested - screenshot
Riots in Paris, France,-249 police officers were injured and 875 protesters were arrested – screenshot

The European Rise of Islam Flash-Points

On Wednesday, June 28, 2023, there was a burning of the Quran outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, by a politician during an Islamophobia protest. Turkey, a majority Muslim country and a member of NATO, expressed outrage and denounced Sweden, which complicated Sweden’s bid to join NATO.


The French nation loves soccer, or as they call it football. In France, the majority of Muslim immigrants are of North African countries origin, one is Morocco. In December 2022 the Moroccan soccer team ended up, for the first time ever, in the semi-finals of this prestigious international soccer tournament, the Mondeal-FIFA World cup. Yet, Paris was on fire, lit by Muslims.

The question asked is, why is France the epicenter of the Muslim awakening in Europe?

To that question there are few answers. One, of all other centers of Muslims in Europe, France has a huge concentration of Muslims, including Muslim-Arabs from Arab countries. These Muslims are from Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, and are known to have a hot temper. Among these Muslims tension exists as well.

Between Algeria and Morocco there is tension regarding Western Sahara, tensions that permeate the Muslim communities in France, originally from these countries.

Rioters loot Louis Vuitton, Zara, Nike stores, smash window of Apple store in Paris, France-screenshot
Rioters loot Louis Vuitton, Zara, Nike stores, smash window of Apple store in Paris, France – screenshot

Morocco and Algeria’s geopolitical rivalry has largely played out in the Western Sahara, where Algiers backs the Polisario, a rebel Sahrawi nationalist liberation movement claiming Western Sahara, against Rabat, Morocco’s capital. As a territory over half of Morocco’s size, the Western Sahara issue has not only dominated Moroccan foreign policy but has always been tied to the legitimacy of the monarchy.

And so, the Algerians find themselves in a lot of tension with physical or verbal confrontation with the Moroccans when each side identifies with his or her country of origin.

These immigrants also brought to France not only their home country’s culture but also their entire clan among whom they lived in their homeland. France ignores the issue that it is very difficult to penetrate into these clans. The police, the intelligence, law enforcement, and tax collection have no way to penetrate these family-clans. And so it boils down to a lot of social trouble.

It must be said here that the France of the French people may simply die. Right now France is going through a dying process on its deathbed. In 30 years or so, French France will no longer exist.


In Germany, Muslim immigrants are mostly of Turkish origin where there is a slight momentum of integration.


In Sweden, the Muslims may not yet burn the country but Muslim integration has greatly failed there as well.

The riots of the reform in France - the municipality of Bordeaux was set on fire, the visit of King Charles was cancelled - screenshot
The riots of the reform in France – the municipality of Bordeaux was set on fire, the visit of King Charles was cancelled – screenshot

Fleeing Is One Option

The situation in France today is that the French are fleeing their country. The French Jewish community was among the largest in the world after World War II. The Jews of France have somewhere to flee, to the State of Israel. The non-Jewish French are fleeing to Quebec, Canada, where the French language is spoken, or to the USA and other places where they can find refuge. The French who have no choice but to stay in France will, one might say, undergo a suicide process. Because, as the picture looks now, there is no continuity for the French people in France.

The French novelist Michel Houellebecq penned a dystopian book he named Submission. This novel imagines a situation in which a Muslim party upholding Islamist and patriarchal values is able to win the 2022 presidential election in France with the support of the Socialist Party. The book, released on the day of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, drew an unusual amount of attention.

Is Houellebecq’s book no longer his dystopian imagination, but rather reality?

Multiculturalism Does Not Mean Inclusivity

In the book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, author Samuel P. Huntington gets closer to reality and further from the universalism and progressiveness in the Left’s discourse. In his book, Huntington explains how the population explosion in Muslim countries and the economic rise of East Asia are changing global politics. At the end we witness that religion and ethnicity are still the dominant factors that influence a civilized society.

The West abandoned its own nationalism and religiosity and absorbed into it very nationalist and religious foreign elements. Those foreign elements are now taking over its countries.

In light of the scenes we see in France, the question arises, is the integration of cultures, known as multiculturalism and diversity, collapsing?

Will we now witness the French version of Israel’s Operation Guardian of the Walls? Or, has France lost the chance to return to being a French France?

What’s Next?

Voices are starting to suggest that France must make a decision to deport all these rioters back to Africa.

And who is next in line in Europe to go through the meltdown that France is going through now? Will all of Europe become Muslim due to the ongoing huge wave of Muslim immigration to Europe? Do Europeans still have choices? Are they only a few, either to convert to Islam, or go to war with the Muslims their governments brought to their countries? Either way, the situation for the Europeans is extremely bad.

And it really hurts to see how historical-nationalist-Christian Europe is collapsing.

IDF Operation Home and Garden in Jenin, Northern Samaria, to eradicate terrorism and terror, July 2, 2023 - screenshot
IDF Operation Home and Garden in Jenin, Northern Samaria, to eradicate terrorism and terror, July 2, 2023 – screenshot

Europe May Now Understand What Happens in Israel

In 2021, violent riots took place in Israel, orchestrated by local Arabs, similar to those in France.

So all the “enlightened countries” may now understand what Israel goes through on a daily basis, even as this op-ed is penned! Maybe they will look to Israel for some tips on survival methods.

Left-wing Progressivism Aims To Drive Israel Over a Cliff

In the meantime, if in Israel the Israeli-Jews do not make sure to reject the Left-wing progressivism, and the lack of nationalism and religion that characterizes Europe, Israel will find itself in an existential time bomb. So much so as we see today in the streets of the State of Israel with the endless demonstrations.

If Israel does not reject all of this, her fate could easily mirror the fate of Europe.

From the outside, it seems obvious that the State of Israel must learn from what is happening in Europe. To prevent a local situation like the one in Europe, action must be taken. For this, a total change in thinking and conduct would have to be made. All resources would need to be mobilized to make the Land of Israel into a completely Jewish state.

Big Questions

Two three important questions are:

  1. Are there enough like-minded politicians strong enough to withstand the self-destructive leftists in the civilized-enlightened countries?
  2. Are there enough Europeans who don’t want to drive their country, their continent, and people into the abyss?
  3. Are there enough Israelis who don’t want to drive their country and people into the abyss?

We know that where there are Leftists, there is destruction. Sadly, the world is still ambivalent about this statement. For how much longer?

Nurit Greenger

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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