Poland Celebrates its Constitution Day

The citizens of Poland today celebrated 221st anniversary of their constitution.

May 3 is Polish Constitution Day commemorates the ratification on May 3, 1791 of the first democratic constitution in Europe.

In modern Poland, May 3 is considered Poland’s most important holiday.

Rejtan, by Matejko. In September 1773, Rejtan (lower right) tried to prevent ratification of the First Partition of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth by barring other Sejm deputies from the chamber.

In addition, in the United States particulary in Chicago, a city that has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw, holds the largest Polish Constitution Day parade outside of Poland as well.

The Day is celebrated with a colorful affair where there are costumed dancers, marching bands, polkas, accordions and all things Polish.

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sent best wishes to the people of Poland as they anniversary of their constitution.

She says Poland is a model of democratic transition and hope, inspiring countless advocates for freedom throughout the world.

Through their NATO Alliance, nearly 2,500 Polish soldiers are serving in Afghanistan alongside soldiers from the United States and 48 other countries, all working toward the shared goal of defeating al-Qaida and strengthening the Afghan state so that Afghans can shape their own future, Ms. Clinton said.

She stresses that the United States is appreciative of the many areas of international cooperation that we share, and grateful for the role Poland plays as our protecting power in Syria.

“As you celebrate Constitution Day, know that the United States continues to stand with you.” -Ms. Clinton

She emphasizes that the United States is committed to its enduring alliance and their shared values as they work together to bring peace and security throughout the globe.

“Best wishes for a happy Constitution Day and continued peace and prosperity in the year to come.” -Ms. Clinton

On March this year, United States of America and Poland reaffirmed commitment on the democratization agenda.

On her meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, US Secretary of States Hillary Rodham Clinton said Poland is a very good friend and a trusted ally.

Both countries have deep historical and cultural ties that both cherish.

Just recently, Poland has just completed its tenure as the president of the European Union, where, once again, it demonstrated its leadership.

Both countries have also agreed that the new missile interceptor that Poland will host, as well as a new American aviation detachment to be stationed in Poland, will be cornerstones of their mutual security commitments.

Poland’s political history in the 18th and 19th centuries was one of domination and partition by powerful neighbors Austria, Russia, and Prussia. In the 20th century, a brief period of democracy was cut short in 1939 by invasion and occupation by Nazi and Soviet forces. Following World War II, a Soviet-imposed government ruled Poland until communism fell in 1989.

US reiterates that despite that difficult past, Poland has democratic traditions going back to 1791, when it was the first country in Europe to have a written constitution, a constitution that “formed the basis for the creation of the modern Polish state.

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