People’s Vote Campaign Group Reignites Brexit Referendum Talks

The People’s Vote campaign group claims that MPs have multiple opportunities to allow the public to have the final say in whether or not the United Kingdom will break away from the European Union.

Theresa May has stated that a referendum is out of the question.

May claims that the UK has already made the choice to leave the EU, and she states that there is already a blueprint in place that respects the 2016 results. The vote, 51.89% to 48.11% in favor of Brexit, leaves May with two choices she claims. She states that the choice is whether or not the UK will leave the EU without an agreement in place.

People’s Vote has urged MPs to not hide behind “logistical arguments.” People’s Vote claims that there are no legal barriers that will not allow the public to have the final say on the referendum.

Vince Cable agrees, saying that the EU exit must be stopped. Cable claims that “Brexit is not inevitable.”

Cable, discussing the issue during a speech in Brighton on Tuesday, addresses many of the concerns that the public has: Brexit being costly and painful. He claims that there is a realization that Brexit is going to be very difficult. He also claims that Brexit has left people feeling powerless and unrepresented.

“If Jeremy Corbyn will not say ‘I will support a People’s Vote and I will fight Brexit,’ Labour members should wave him goodbye,” he said.

The UK’s Treasury Minister, Mel Stride, was interviewed on Sky News today stating that there “could be” another Brexit referendum. The comments sent the EUR/GBP above 0.89 on fx trading accounts across the country.

Stride claims that if May’s Chequers proposals are declined in Parliament, another referendum is possible.

The pound remains flat on Wednesday morning after May rejected the EU’s Irish border resolution. May claims that any solution on checks proposed in Northern Ireland must be issues across the United Kingdom.

Michael Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has suggested that checks take place at ports on Northern Ireland and Britain. He claims that checks would only need to be made on one category of goods being moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

May is currently in discussions with European leaders in Austria to discuss Brexit. Reports indicate that if the discussions do not go well, it will have a negative impact on investors when the UK finally breaks from the EU in March.

May claims that a second referendum would “destroy trust in politicians.”

Melissa Thompson

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