Looking For Love in Odessa, Ukraine: Is this really a good idea?

Statistics show that single Western men travel to Ukraine in record numbers to find love. The question is why would these men look to Ukraine to find the love of their life? What could Odessa have to offer these single men that they could not find right in their own backyard? Look closer at the details to try to find answers to these great questions.

Odessa: new hotspot for International dating industry?

It is no lie that when men walk down the streets of Odessa they are astounded by the many beautiful women. Many of these sights for sore eyes will be sitting on a café terrace, while others can be found as part of the audience of an opera house, and then there are those merely walking down the street together having a chat between one another.

The obvious is that the men who are looking to pair off with a Ukrainian woman are usually over the age of 60 although there are some who may be younger. However, most Ukrainian young women could care less about their age; they are willing to jump at the chance that a foreign prince charming will give them, as they just want to get away from their country and their way of life.

Apparently, numerous dating agencies in Odessa specialize primarily in matching Ukrainian women with foreign men as luring foreign men to their country to save the young models that are impoverished there, is their goal.

Although mail order brides and other matchmaking industries are nothing new to countries such as Asia and Eastern Europe, Odessa seems to be the new hot spot for men to go to who want to meet the girl of their dreams, to fall in love with, marry, and live happily ever after. But, is that really how the story goes for these men?

What do popular services offer customers?

There are some popular International dating services that operate in Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Usually, the romantic trip and marriage agencies offer a chat service where Western men can chat with foreign women whom they may make a good match with for the price of one pound or euro a minute and they can email them for another £10. They also offer a deal for their members who travel to their country; for the price of £ / $ 3000 they can go on a ten-day romantic tour of the beautiful city of Odessa.

Here is how the single tour works – 39 men start by attending an induction meeting where they are told they can choose between three social events that take place in various Ukraine nightclubs. The men are under the impression they will have plenty of options available to them as they are told that hundreds of Ukrainian women who are looking for love will be attending these events.

Moreover, once they find a woman they like they would have the opportunity to see more of them throughout the week or they could meet with one of the girls they chatted with in the past online. If all goes well after they complete the tour, the men will have the opportunity to propose to whomever they desire if they wish.

Pitfalls of socials to Odessa

One thing to understand is that most of these men already spent loads of money chatting online with certain girls whom they are very excited to meet and will travel to Odessa in hopes of meeting that specific girl. However, after all the plans are made to meet with these girls, something suddenly comes up to where the girl cannot make it.

This is very disappointing to some men since they have spent thousands just to chat with these girls, then spent even more money to travel so far to meet with them just to be let down.

Another big letdown is that every date has to have a translator accompany them even if the girl speaks English. The problem with that is, the men have to dish out more money to pay the translators who charge by the hour. Then the men are taken to costly establishments by their dates and after spending a bundle on these women, some never see them again.

What to consider when going to Odessa

Truth is, this is some dating services plan to scam men to come to Ukraine and spend a lot of money. In addition, the women that these men spend a bundle on to chat with for long periods do not even exist. For the most, they are regular people who are paid to chat with these men and send seductive messages to lead them on and cost them a fortune. The women that the men do get to date take the men for a ride while having them spend high dollar on them in fancy restaurants and clubs only to disappear the next day.

Here’s a thought, if men are so desperate to find love that they are willing to throw away so much good money, maybe they should look closer to the agencies offering personal romantic tours and organize everything properly.

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