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Lithuania Sees Energy Security as of Primary Urgency


Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite today stressed that Lithuania sees energy security as of primary urgency.

In her meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Grybauskaite said she was very pleased that her country’s nuclear energy projects has attracted interest of foreign companies, including an American company.

President Grybauskaite said they had a meaningdul discussion with Secretary Clinton about their bilateral relations. She said they have many mutual points of contacts and their interests were in the progress of their conversation.

“We discussed security, military security, and also the neighborhood, democratization processes, and opportunities to help those countries who need our help.” – President Grybauskaite

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.

The Lithuanian President also stressed that her Government will be now assessing the bids for the country’s nuclear project. She said she was happy that the project has attracted international interest.

She said they also discussed the wish of the neighboring countries to build a nuclear power plant around Lithuania.

“We need to ensure their nuclear safety, not only Lithuania, but also beyond this border. And I heard the Secretary’s support in this respect.” – President Grybauskaite

She stressed that they also spoke about military security and the challenges that face both countries in the global space.

President President Grybauskaite also highlighted that she has discussed with Secretary Clinton on cooperation and the benefits that both of their countries have when their people travel and have close personal contacts.

“So, there was a range of issues that we discussed. And I am delighted that the Secretary of State expressed the support and understanding of the United States on all the issues that we discussed.” – President Grybauskaite

President Grybauskaite is dubbed by the international press as the “Lithuanian Iron Lady” for her outspoken speech and her black belt in karate. Grybauskaite speaks Lithuanian, English, Russian, French and Polish.

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