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Bosnia and Herzegovina on The Road to Euro-Atlantic Integration


The United States of America today announced that its overriding interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina remains its emergence as a stable, democratic, multiethnic state on the road to Euro-Atlantic integration.

The USG underscored that it is important that Bosnia and Herzegovina develop cooperative relationships with its neighbors, combat crime, consolidate democratic institutions, build a society based on mutual tolerance, and achieve sustainable economic growth.


Peace and Security (P&S)

  • Increase Bosnian law enforcement agencies’ capacity to combat terrorism and organized crime
  • Bring the Bosnian military into full compliance with NATO standards. Strengthen security institutions, particularly those at the state level which combat terrorism and organized crime, contributing to regional security
  • Further strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina’s control of its borders

    Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD)

  • Improve the efficiency and professionalism of the Bosnian justice system and enhance its capacity to handle cases involving terrorism and war crimes
  • Develop the institutional capacity of the Bosnian State Parliament by supporting work on legislative drafting and procedural reforms
  • Expand local NGOs’ capacity to provide research to legislative bodies and impact policy decisions
  • Improve the capacity of local and municipal governments to deliver services effectively to citizens

    Economic Growth (EG)

  • Promote an accountable, transparent, and modern tax regime that simplifies compliance with tax laws and regulations
  • Increase employment opportunities by enhancing the profitability and competitiveness of Bosnia’s private sector, particularly in competitive sectors such as wood processing and tourism
  • Encourage the growth of private sector economic activity through reform of Bosnia’s legal, regulatory and fiscal environment


  • U.S. experts trained and mentored BiH law enforcement and judicial institutions to combat Trafficking in Persons. USG assistance also resulted in the opening of a legal aid center for women and created trafficking prevention education in schools.
  • USG support for the 2010 general elections increased participation of urban youth by 200,000 voters, developed online tools to reach citizens, and allowed the preliminary election results to be announced on election night.
  • Training for judges, prosecutors, police, and customs officials on copyright, trademark, counterfeit medicine, and piracy issues initiated intellectual property regime infringement cases to strengthen the investment and business environment.
  • Assistance to the Armed Forces of BiH supported improvements in training and equipment, and supported BiH’s contribution of 55 personnel within NATO units in Afghanistan.
  • Training for 294 police officers and prosecutors fostered cooperation and best practices in apprehending suspects, building sound cases and prosecuting suspects for war crimes, organized crime offences, corruption and terrorism.
  • A USG project helped microenterprises run by women improve agricultural production of specialty products such as organic herbs and honey.
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