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Animal Welfare Groups Strongly Oppose Captivity of Pregnant Dolphin ‘Daisy’

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The German dolphin and whale protection organisations ProWal (for whales) and the Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF)today made some statements on the captive pregnant dolphin named “Daisy” in the sea pen “Onmega” in Marmaris.

“Daisy” is with four other caught dolphins.

Axel Linke, the operator of the dolphinarium, confirmed the pregnancy of the dolphin lady. However, no dolphin baby has survived in Turkey until now.

“Because dolphins give birth only to few in their life, we call upon the responsible authorities to hand over the best possible protection to the pregnant dolphin and the unborn baby.” -Andreas Morlok, the manager of ProWal

ProWal added that breeding don’t usually succeed in Turkish dolphinaria. They urged for a motion to hand over the highest protective status to the animal.

ProWal Dolphin in dolphinarium Marmaris/Turkey

The gestation period of bottlenose dolphins take one year. During the first four months, the organs and body structures of the embryo dolphins are formed. Then the organs of the animal are formed in its eighth month. After this time a considerable growth takes place up to the birth.

The animal organizations requested to forbid any noise by passers-by in front of the facility. The hotel should immediately take charge among other things such as no disco events in the time of the pregnancy of the animal.

The animal welfare groups demand that any ship noise is to be avoided in the bank area of the facility. A noise zoning in the radius of 1.5 kilometres around the dolphinarium in which engine-powered boats may go only in slow speed is also a necessity.

“Because of our dolphin protection activities for over two years the dolphinaria owners have got a huge respect for us in Turkey. Thus the Onmega-Dolphinarium in Marmaris has presented to us an injunction under penalty of a fine of ‘250,000 which should prohibit us to exercise criticism against the keeping of dolphins in the relatively small sea pens.” -Jurgen Ortmuller of the Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF)

The animal welfare group hoped that the responsible authorities will close the dolphinarium and the dolphins be released carefully.

The city administration in Marmaris said they have no experienced staff for the supervision of the pregnant dolphin “Daisy.”

The animal welfare group was concerned of the grave possibility if the authorities will not cooperate with them. They fear a drama and the death of the unborn dolphin.

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