Violent Protests Rock Western Kazakhstan

Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland today said United States is deeply concerned by the recent outbreak of violence in western Kazakhstan.

“We have expressed our condolences for the loss of life and urged restraint by all parties as Kazakhstani authorities work to restore calm.” -Ms. Nuland

Ms. Nuland said the United States is concerned by reports that some forms of communication were disabled in the wake of these protests, and urge the Government of Kazakhstan to quickly and fully restore open lines of communication throughout the country.

A wide view of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan during SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon’s meeting with Assembly Representatives in Kazakh capital Astana. Functioning as a consultative body under the chairmanship of the President of Kazakhstan, the Assembly represents the country’s numerous ethnic minorities.

UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

“We welcome the Government of Kazakhstan’s stated commitment to a thorough and transparent investigation into the causes of the violence.” -Ms. Nuland

She stressed that those responsible for any criminal acts perpetrated should be brought to justice in accordance with international standards.

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