New START Treaty Contributes Positively to US-Russian Relationship

Assistant Secretary Rose E. Gottemoeller for Arms Control, Verification and Compliance today said the implementation of New START Treat is going well and contributes positively to the U.S.-Russian relationship.

In her remarks for the delegation of the United States of America First (Disarmament and International Security) Committee, Ms. Gottemoeller highlighted that the treaty represents an important step on the path towards a world without nuclear weapons.

“As my Russian colleague already mentioned, I’m very pleased that my colleague from Russia will join me later in the session to present a joint briefing on our successful implementation of the New START Treaty. As one Treaty provides a foundation for the next, we believe this vital cooperation will set the stage for further and deeper reductions.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

Ms. Gottemoeller reported that Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Lavrov exchanged Diplomatic Notes on July 13 this year, bringing the U.S.-Russia Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement (PMDA) and its Protocols into force. She added that PMDA commits each country to dispose of no less than 34 metric tons of excess weapon-grade plutonium, which represents enough material for approximately 17,000 nuclear weapons.

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