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Mortar Shells Hit Russian Embassy in Damascus


Russian Embassy in Damascus under attack?

Two mortar shells rocked the Russian Embassy in Damascus Thursday, killing a Syrian security guard and injuring nine others.

According to media reports, one shell hit the grounds of the embassy and the other shell exploded nearby. No Russian employees were killed by the attack.

In September, three people were injured by the similar attack in Russian embassy in the Syrian capital. No casualties were reported.

US condemns the attack

The United States expressed condemnation of the attack expressed

its concern for those killed and injured in the incident.

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the US condemns any attack against individuals or facilities protected by international law.

Assad with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev whilst on a visit to Sochi in August 2008.

“The United States continues to emphasize that those responsible for atrocities on all sides must be held accountable.” – Ms. Psaki

Is Russia supporting the Syrian regime?

With the turmoil continue to engulf Syria, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said this year that the Russians were unwilling to go forward to end the crisis in Syria.

Secretary Clinon hammered out an agreement in Geneva last summer, largely negotiating with Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia to resolve the Syrian crisis.

However, she highlighted that the Russians were unwilling to go forward.

She said the Russians sided with Assad who knew that if they were able to implement the Geneva agreement that they had negotiated, that that would send a very clear signal that Assad was being isolated even further a signal to those around him, a signal to his troops, a signal to the region.

She added that the Russians decided that they would still support him much to the great loss of the Syrian people.”

More than 100,000 Syrians have been killed since March 2011, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced from their homes.

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