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Building Successful and Free-Market Economy a Key to Kosovo’s Success

Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon of Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs today said building a successful and free-market economy is a key to Kosovo’s success.

In an interview with Kosovo press, Mr. Gordon said how he was pleased to be back in Kosovo on his fourth visit to the country.

“I am this week on a tour throughout the Balkans. I’ve been in Bosnia for a couple of days; I was in Belgrade yesterday; I’m going to Zagreb tonight. And I think that’s a reflection of our deep engagement in the Balkans, our deep engagement with Kosovo.”Mr. Gordon

He said the development of Kosovo’s democracy was based on the rule of law. He said he met with the President and he congratulated her on her election. He noted that the success of a democracy isn’t one vote one time; it’s democratic transitions.

Mr. Gordon had met the Prime Minister as well and full economic team. He said it was encouraging to see how focused the government is on economic issues.

“So, we discussed economic issues. We discussed rule of law. We discussed foreign policy and in particular, the dialogue with Serbia which is something that the United States supports. And I was encouraged to hear how seriously the government takes that as well.”Mr. Gordon

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