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Commonwealth of The Bahamas Celebrates 38 Years of Independence


The citizens of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas today celebrated their 38 years of independence.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking in Washington, DC, extended the congratulations of President Obama and the people of the United States, to the people of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

“This is an opportunity to reflect on The Bahamas’ proud history and rich cultural heritage. It also gives us the chance to honor our shared democratic values and commitment to the future peace and prosperity in the region and throughout the world.” -Ms. Clinton

Junkanoo celebration in Nassau.

She stressed that United States and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas demonstrate their commitment by working together as partners each day through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI), The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and many other joint initiatives that benefit communities throughout The Bahamas.

“On this special occasion, whether you are celebrating with family or friends on New Providence, Grand Bahamas, or the Family Islands, I send best wishes to all the people of The Bahamas for a safe and happy holiday, and reaffirm the commitment of the United States to this enduring partnership.” -Ms. Clinton

Commonwealth of the Bahamas is one of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean region. Its tourism generates most of its economic activity.

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