Spend Family Day De-Cluttering The Home

February doesn’t just play host to Valentine’s Day. It’s also the month many Canadians celebrate Family Day, a new holiday in Southern Ontario. With kids off school and adults off work, it’s a popular time to catch up with the family just as the name implies. While many people use the holiday to binge watch Stranger Things 2 for the third time in a row or explore the outdoors, there’s another way to spend Family Day, and that’s de-cluttering the family home!

By the time February rolls around, most people in Southern Ontario have a touch of cabin fever. They’re several months into winter, so their windows and doors have been firmly shut for a long time. Unless they’re avid winter sports enthusiasts, they probably spend most of their time inside.

It’s easy to load up on school reports, knickknacks, toys, and more that clutter up the home. Too much stuff in the home can leave residents feeling anxious, crowded, frustrated and overstimulated by all the belongings strewn around the house.

Family Day is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter by dividing personal ‘stuff’ into keep, donate, and discard piles. Discard is for all the stuff that can’t be re-sold or given away due to damage. Donate is for those items that can have a second life for someone else, with family, friends, or even strangers. It’s a great time of year to donate to charities and help those less fortunate. Last but not least, the keep pile is for everything that is staying put!

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Happy family day

Unfortunately for many people in Richmond Hill, the keep pile often turns out to be the largest one. If the goal is to de-clutter, then it’s simple, not everything can stay! Thankfully, there are other options. Homeowners don’t have to force themselves into throwing things out or give them away. Now it’s possible to declutter your home with local storage and get the best of both worlds. A safe place to organize valuables and house that is free of clutter!

Richmond Hill is rapidly growing, and as more and more new homeowners move to the city, the need for storage units will only increase. Newer indoor storage units offer superior climate control. This bonus allows electronics, televisions and other items sensitive to extreme temperatures to stay safe with a constant beneficial temperature.

This is a wonderful way to keep things safe, and best of all, there isn’t a need to throw anything out! These residential storage units are affordable and the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Not all storage units are the same, so be sure to only store belongings with the best, making sure they have updated security features and climate controls.

Remember this as the Family Day holiday approaches. It may not be as exciting as a skate down by the Harbour front or a trip through the ROM, but it’s a productive way to spend time at home with the family. It won’t cost a lot and it will feel great to get something accomplished!

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