State Department Remarks Will Not Prevent Iraqi Violence On Ashraf Civilians

U.S. State Department Remarks Not Helpful

The remarks yesterday, by an acting Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department will not help to prevent use of violence by the Government of Iraq against the unarmed Ashraf residents.

According to international law and mutual agreement, the United States is responsible for the protection of Ashraf residents.

The Iranian resistance considers the remarks by the State Department Spokesperson on the “quality of life” in camp Liberty and “The continued intransigence of the residents’ leadership in placing preconditions and making demands prior to any agreement to relocate further Ashraf residents” and “the road map of the UNAMI” unreal and derived from false reports.

Encouraging Iran’s Surrogate

These remarks will never help towards a peaceful process in resolving the issue of Ashraf and will only encourage the Iranian regime and its satellite government in Iraq to impose violence against residents and to commit the third massacre.

kobler maliki ashraf
SSRG Martin Kobler gives green light on Ashraf.

The remarks by Maliki’s security advisor on July 31 once again disclose the ominous intentions of the Government of Iraq to commit the third massacre on the orders of the mullahs regime. The Iranian regime’s objective is to destroy its best organized opposition by its satellite government in Iraq.

With the rising possibility of Bashar Al-Assad’s downfall as well as the volatile situation in Iraq and the crisis inside the Iranian regime, the necessity for annihilation of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) or at least making serious damage to it has become the highest priority for the mullahs regime.

US Government Disarmed Ashraf Residents

According to international law and based on the mutual agreement signed by every single resident of Ashraf and the US government, and also based on accepting their protection in return for disarmament, the US government is responsible for the protection of Ashraf and Liberty residents.

Now disarmed and at the mercy of Iran’s surrogate, the Iranian resistance urges the US President and Secretary of State to fulfill their responsibility to prevent a humanitarian tragedy that Iraq has already threatened.

U.S. Issued A Misleading Press Statement

Contrary to the remarks of the U.S. spokesperson, it is not the residents nor their leadership that are showing intransigence, it is the Government of Iraq (GoI). Iraq is not only refusing to provide the minimum humanitarian needs of the residents, but it is also preventing the residents from providing them by themselves.

In spite of continuous violation of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the GoI and the unacceptable condition of Camp Liberty and the lack of minimum humanitarian needs, Ashraf residents have illustrated their maximum cooperation and goodwill by relocating 2000 people in five groups.

Residents Demonstrated Goodwill

These five groups moved to Liberty one after the other, upon the recommendations of the United States and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General (SRSG), Martin Kobler, without their minimum humanitarian needs being provided.

Before the fifth move, on April 27, while none of these minimums were fulfilled, the residents’ representative wrote to Secretary Clinton’s advisor, “due to your recommendations, Mrs. Rajavi postponed the unsettled issues until later in order to expedite departure of the fifth convoy so that they could be discussed and agreed upon without any pressure or rush. Please ask Ambassador Jeffrey and Ambassador Kobler to implicitly explain to the Iraqis that departure of the fifth convoy will be carried out only based on your recommendation and in order to prove that this was done due to the maximum cooperation of the residents who have foregone their minimum legal rights.”

The Minimum Humanitarian Requirements

After the fifth move, the residents reduced the requirements for the sixth move to eight items which include:

  • Connection of Liberty to the city water network or pumping water from a river adjacent to the camp,
  • Transfer of the main 1.5 Mega Watt generators,
  • Allowing the sale of the movable and immovable properties,
  • Minimum constructions, particularly of special facilities for the disabled and ill people,
  • Transfer of the six utility vehicles,
  • Transfer of six trailers for the disabled,
  • Transfer five forklifts,
  • Transfer 50 passenger cars.
  • Based on the plan presented by Mrs. Rajavi to Mr. Kobler on July 26, the residents will fulfill the above eight articles at their own expenses and energy, and by hiring Iraqi contractors within one month from the day of approval by the Iraqi government, and subsequently the sixth convoy will move to Liberty.

    Deadlock Due To Iraq, Not Ashraf Residents

    But the government of Iraq, that receives all of its orders on Ashraf from the Iranian regime, has refrained from implementing this simple and practical plan, and it is planning for the third massacre in Ashraf. If the Government of Iraq had agreed to these simple demands which were raised several months ago, all Ashraf residents would have been relocated to Liberty.

    There is nothing further from the truth that the deadlock in completing the relocation of residents from Ashraf to Liberty is due to the intransigence of the residents or their leadership. Quite on the contrary, it is the result of the GoI’s obstruction and repeated violations of its written commitments that were stipulated in the MoU it signed with the UN.

    See Also: Iraq Threatens To Kill Ashraf Residents, State Department Wakes Up, which displays the State Department statement, issued by Patrick Ventrell, Acting Deputy Spokesperson, Office of Press Relations.

    The statement by Patrick Ventrell said, in part:

    “We also call on the Ashraf leadership to immediately resume cooperation with the relocation of residents to Camp Hurriya, especially following the Iraqi Government’s delivery of a cargo convoy of goods as demanded by the residents on July 15. Allegations of dire humanitarian conditions at Hurriya are inconsistent with observations made by U.S. Government officials who have visited Hurriya, as well as reporting from UN monitors. Based on these reports, and other information, it is clear that the quality of life at Hurriya exceeds accepted humanitarian standards. The continued intransigence of the residents’ leadership in placing preconditions and making demands prior to any agreement to relocate further Ashraf residents is unacceptable and puts in danger protections established in the MOU.”

    Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.