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Representative of Iraqi Government Steals Belongings of Ashraf Residents

Clothes covering the loads of 14 trucks, worth of 14.000 dollars, were stolen

Following the arrival in Liberty of trucks carrying the belongings of the fifth group of Ashraf residents after 8 days of unendurable inspections, in the morning of Saturday May 5, became clear that the clothes covering the loads of the 14 trucks together with some other items have been stolen overnight.

Residents covered the loads and belongings in each truck by a clothe following the inspections. The loads of each truck were packed and the covering clothes were tied to the trucks with ropes in presence of the UN monitors and had to be opened at Liberty in presence of the residents.

The clothes were taken at the order of Sadiq Mohammad Kazim, representative of the Iraqi government, who was a murderer of Ashraf residents in July 2009 and April 2011 as he claimed the clothes belonged to the Iraqi Prime Minister Office.

As they lacked special containers for carrying their loads, Ashraf residents had asked through the SGSR to buy 100 containers from the Iraqi market to be able to transfer their properties, but since it had not been agreed yet, they had to cover them with clothes. The costs for 14 clothes which have all been paid by the residents were over 14000 dollars. Stealing all these clothes and other properties were reported to the deputy SGSR in Iraq to take appropriate actions to return the stolen goods.

As it was pointed out in the NCRI’s statement issued on Friday, May 4, the Iraqi forces had stolen the resident’s home appliances, mobile phones and computer equipments during inspections. Many of the boxes were torn up as a result of hastily stealing. The UNAMI monitors closely visited the torn up boxes or half empty and all empty boxes and took pictures of them.

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