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Possible Missile Attack on Camp Liberty Stirs Alarm Among MPs

The Iranian opposition group PMOI, based in Iraq, is a thorn in the side of the Iranian Mullahs’ regime. Now with a compliant Shiite government in Iraq, a weak, some say subservient United Nations Special Representative and an uncaring Secretary-General, the opposition group is under constant attack.

All but abandoned by the UN and US, these “protected persons” under the Fourth Geneva Convention have been attacked many times over the past few years, and many of them have been killed. Still, neither the UN nor the US have taken much positive action.

The opposition group does have friends in high places, but obviously not high enough places to stop the attacks and the killing.

A few days ago, The International Parliamentary Campaign in Defence of Ashraf warned of another impending attack on the defenceless residents, which this NewsBlaze story documented last week. Qods Force On Mission to Attack Camp Liberty.

Here is The International Parliamentary Campaign in Defence of Ashraf’s release:

MPs warn against missile attack on Camp Liberty

The International Parliamentary Campaign in Defence of Ashraf is alarmed by news that Iranian leaders have tasked the Qods Force to organise further missile attacks against Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty on the eve of president Rouhani’s trip to New York in September. We repeatedly warned former UNAMI chief Martin Kobler that Camp Liberty does not meet the security needs of the residents. The 9 February, 29 April and 15 June missile attacks, which have killed 10 and injured 170 residents, show that Liberty residents have no security and could face massacre at any time.

The residents of Camp Liberty are “protected persons” under the Fourth Geneva Convention and further entitled to UN protection until their final disposition.

The residents were displaced to Liberty prison under UN pressure with false promises of protection and immediate relocation to third countries. The residents were never told that the camp had been the target of at least 25 missile attacks and that UNAMI security officers had classified Camp Liberty as not safe.

The Iraqi government declared on 9 February 2013 that it is unable to protect the residents from missile attacks, and the US Embassy in Baghdad declared that similar missile attacks could be repeated at any time. The camp lacks any protective measures like T-walls and protective vests and hard hats. The camp lacks any buildings and the residents are living in thin containers which have no protection against such attacks. The half-square kilometre, densely populated camp is an easy target for further missile attacks.

The International Parliamentary Campaign in Defence of Ashraf believes that under such circumstances, the residents must immediately be returned to Camp Ashraf, their original home for the past 26 years, which is 80 times larger than the Liberty prison camp. Moreover, UNHCR must without delay reiterate the status of all camp residents as refugees and grant them asylum in safe third countries. Likewise, the UK and US governments have a duty to ensure that the residents are protected from further attacks and their movement to third countries takes place without delay.

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