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Iranian Regime Using Ashraf and Liberty Refugees as Negotiating Pawns

defence of ashraf
defence of ashraf

The United Nations and the people who work for the organization may be well-meaning, but as can be seen, they are often outclassed by smart operators who have learned how to manipulate the system.

The Iranian regime knows how to manipulate people, especially those in high places, such as the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Resettlement of Liberty Residents, Mrs Jane Holl-Lute.

Last week, in Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs, it was reported that a meeting between Mrs Holl-Lute and Iranian officials effectively allowed Iran to meddle in the affairs of the Ashraf/Liberty refugees, who are in opposition to the regime.

The International Parliamentary Campaign in Defence of Ashraf and Liberty says this meeting has allowed the Iranian regime to influence the resettlement process of the Camp Liberty residents in Iraq, despite Tehran’s public animosity towards the camp’s dissidents. Iranian agents and the puppet Iraqi government have killed many of the Ashraf/Liberty residents in a number of staged massacres, and more recently, they have effectively set up a medical siege, causing the premature deaths of a number of residents.

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UN Special Advisor Does Not Understand Iran

Mrs Jane Holl-Lute spoke to Iranian officials about allowing meetings between Camp Liberty residents and their relatives who are still in Iran. In most countries, allowing relatives to meet would be a good thing, but when Iran is involved, ulterior motives must be suspected. Mrs Holl-Lute apparently does not have sufficient experience with Iran to understand their motives.

The Iranian regime makes the lives of the PMOI and their relatives very difficult. The reason Iran wants the relatives to visit the Camp Liberty residents is to pressure the PMOI members to return to Iran.

The International Parliamentary Committee sees this move as a way for the regime to use the PMOI “as pawns in the ongoing discussion with Iran over the nuclear issue, having already paid a massive price in the game of appeasement with the Mullah’s regime.”

Mrs Holl-Lute Oblivious Of Iran’s Intentions

If Mrs Holl-Lute’s meeting actually happened as previously reported, then she does not understand the harsh reality the Iranian regime has placed on the PMOI members in Camp Liberty, or their relatives in Iran.

The International Parliamentary Committee had this message for Mrs Holl-Lute:

“We … draw the Special Advisor’s attention to the cases of Mr Ali Saremi, Mr Jafar Kazemi, and Mr Mohammad-Ali Haj-Aghayee, who were recently sentenced to death and executed by the Iranian Judiciary for having visited family members in Camp Ashraf.”

Recent remarks by Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq, a declared member of Iran’s terrorist Quds-force are alarmingly similar to those made by Mrs Jane Holl-Lute.

The Iranian regime has not suddenly had a change of heart, wishing to allow a humanitarian meeting of the relatives. Their reason for wanting to allow the meetings is to apply psychological pressure on the Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, by threatening their families in Iran.

This statement by Hassan Danaifar, Iran’s ambassador to Iraq cannot be taken at face value:

Hassan Danaifar, Islamic Republic of Iran ambassador to Iraq, visited Camp Ashraf in the Diyala Province and he expressed hope that soon the pained and aggrieved families of the PMOI members will meet their loved ones in Camp Liberty and their frustrating separation will be ended. Mr. Danaifar promised that he would use all of the Islamic Republic of Iran capacities in Iraq, the Brussels based NGO, International Committee In Search of Justice said in a press release on 26 November.

Protected Persons

Mrs Holl-Lute should know that the refugees in Camp Liberty are Protected Persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and they are Persons of Concern. For her to discuss the refugees with the regime, from which they escaped, is immoral, unlawful and placing their lives at further risk, the Parliantary Committee says.

Allowing the Iranian regime to have an insight and to meddle in the situation of these refugees violates their rights to protection and safety under international law, the Refugee Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Camp Liberty residents and their representatives have repeatedly emphasized that under no circumstances will they take part in family meetings arranged by and through the Iranian regime and its proxies in Iraq.

The Committee fully supports their position and warns international bodies to think twice about the danger they will place on the residents and their families in Iran if Iranian authorities were given a free hand to engage actively in this humanitarian crisis to which they have done so much to precipitate.

The International Parliamentary Committee has urged the United Nations, the United States, and the British government to take immediate steps to secure the safety and security of the Camp Liberty residents. This is especially important given the spread of violence in Iraq, the Iranian regime’s malign intervention in that country, and the sudden cooperation between the US and Iran over the ISIS problem, which Iran is likely doing in order to gain an advantage in its nuclear processing negotiations.

Previous requests and warnings to the United Nations, the United States, and the British government have not resulted in any action, other than verbal regrets after each massacre.

Warning: Graphic footage in this massacre video:

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