Iran Orders Iraq to Obstruct Sale of Camp Liberty Residents’ Property

The Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, has issued an order to Faleh Fayyad, Iraqi National Security Advisor, to obstruct sale of property that belongs to Camp Liberty residents. This has been done despite the US congress having written a resolution in support of Camp Liberty’s security and resettlement.

The purpose of the Iranian regime’s interference is to increase pressure on the PMOI residents of the camp, and to obstruct their resettlement elsewhere. The regime wants to keep the PMOI members under its control.

On Wednesday this week, the United States House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously approved and referred to the House Floor a bipartisan resolution calling for “safety and security” of Camp Liberty in Iraq. It also supports the sale of Camp Liberty residents’ property, which they desire to sell.

Reports received from Iran say the Iranian regime’s Minister of Intelligence, Mahmoud Alavi just returned from Iraq after a visit there. Alavi reported to Hassan Rouhani and Ali Khamenei’s Office in Tehran. The report said that he instructed Iraqi National Security Advisor Faleh Fayyad that the Iranian regime is opposed to the sale of any property that belongs to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty.

According to Alavi’s report, Faleh Fayyad would put on a bogus show for the United Nations. A limited and inconsequential sale of some of the residents’ property would be allowed, but it would be done in such a manner that it would not generate any income for the PMOI.

The report also says Mullah Mahmoud Alavi demanded his proxy in Iraq increase pressure and suppressive measures against the PMOI.

Puppet master, Mahmoud Alavi and puppet Faleh Fayyad.
Puppet master, Mahmoud Alavi and puppet Faleh Fayyad.

Faleh Fayyad apparently said that up until now they have imposed the maximum pressure and control possible on PMOI members in Camp Liberty and they will continue to do so.

A statement from the NCRI opposition group notes that the Iraqi government agreed three months ago to allow Camp Liberty residents to sell their property. The Camp Liberty Residents want to sell some of their property to pay for their resettlement outside of Iraq.

Since that time, Iraqi agents have prevented businessmen from entering the camp. They have obstructed the sale of residents’ property, thereby disrupting the relocation process.

These actions by the Iranian regime have been seen before. The Iranian regime and its agents used these tactics when the PMOI were in Camp Ashraf. This allowed the regime to systematically loot and plunder the residents’ property.

In 2011, discussions for transfer of the Camp Ashraf residents to Camp Liberty started. From that time until today, the Iranian regime has used its agents in Iraq to obstruct the sale of residents’ property. The Iranian Resistance has been monitoring the actions of the Iranian regime and their agents in Iraq. In 2012 there was a warning about looting of the Asfraf Residents’ property. On April 5, 2013 the Iranian Resistance announced that the regime’s then-Minister of Intelligence, during his visit to Iraq, had obligated Nuri al-Maliki to loot and expropriate PMOI property.

The United Nations failed to take action and much of the property was stolen. See UNAMI Proposal Fails to Resolve Ashraf Property Issues.

This week, the Iranian Resistance reminded the international community about its commitment to the safety and security of Camp Liberty residents. The UN, the EU and the US have done very little to honor their promises and obligations to date. Many residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty have been killed in attacks on their camps, and Iran has blockaded them, preventing access to medical attention, using their Iraqi proxies.

The Iranian Resistance has again called on the U.S. government, the European Union, and the United Nations to “take urgent action to remove all prohibitions on the sale of residents’ property.”

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