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An Iraqi Delegation in Europe to Justify Crimes Against and Demonizing PMOI

An Iraqi delegation comprising of those responsible for the Ashraf massacre has come to Europe on the orders of Iran’s terrorist Qods Force, to justify crimes against the PMOI, and demonizing the PMOI.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran declared on May 2nd that during Maliki’s trip to Iran (April 22-23), the terrorist Qods Force had mandated his Security adviser to dispatch delegations to Europe in order to demonize the PMOI and justify the conditions at Liberty prison. These delegations, the first of which arrived in Europe starting June 18, are charged to justify inhumane and suppressive behaviour towards residents of Ashraf and Liberty, in their meetings with politicians and reporters in Geneva and Brussels.

In these delegations, in addition to Maliki’s Security Adviser’s deputies, Lobeid Abbawi, Foreign Affairs deputy Minister, a few Generals and intelligence and police colonels, and members of Iraqi Prime Ministry Committee are tasked to suppress Ashraf residents. Those responsible for two massacres, the siege and psychological torture of residents are present. One of them is the criminal Sadeq Mohammad Kazem, the government appointed manager of Camp Liberty, who has been summoned by the Spanish court for his role in two massacres. In addition, people from ministries of Justice and Human Rights are seen in these delegations. Since April, Falah Fayyaz, Maliki’s Security Adviser, has ordered these ministries to fabricate files against the Mojahedin that can be used in delegation meetings and press conferences.

The Iranian Resistance calls for banning these wanted criminals from entering Europe, parliaments and institutions of the United Nations. The entry of killers and executioners is a violation of the fundamental values that these institutions have been established to defend.

Shahriar Kia is a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK). He is a human rights activist and political analyst on Iran and the Middle East.

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