US and South Korea Share Assessments on North Korean Nuclear Issue

U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency Glyn Davies today reported that United States of America and the Republic of Korea shared assessments on the current situation of the North Korean nuclear issue and both countries discussed how they should go forward with regard to their joint efforts in responding to this North Korean issue.

In her remarks to the Press at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Seoul, Ms. Davies said both the United States and South Korea confirmed that in peacefully resolving the North Korean nuclear issue the most important asset for the two countries is their close coordination and cooperation.

“I want to say that from the standpoint of the United States, the relationship between the United States and the Republic of Korea, the alliance that we have, is the fundamental bedrock of our approach on North Korea.” -Ms. Davies

Five men of the Army of the Republic of Korea, pose for the photographer with the UN flag and Korean Regimental banners.UN Photo/JD

She noted it’s very important to emphasize that in U.S. dealings on the issue, in particular with the DPRK, both countries stress the importance of the North-South dialogue. She stressed it is an essential element of their approach on the DPRK.

“It’s essential, we believe, that that dialogue be robust in order for us to move forward. And we hope very much that the DPRK is able to come back to the table, send the right signals in advance of any further steps that they are prepared to fulfill their obligations under the UN Security Council resolutions and under the 2005 Joint Agreement.” -Ms. Davies

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