Samsung Announces New Flexible Screens and Smartphone-Tablet Hybrids

Samsung’s flexible display screen is not expected to hit the markets until 2012, but the manufacturer is showing off how they intend to transform our lives. The video is a concept video, just how far fetched is waiting to be seen.

If Samsung can pull off this amazing video display, it may just revolutionize everything around us. Think about how good life will be, with transparent, flexible screens and Smartphone-tablet hybrids.

Displays will be just a start. If the technology does work, it won’t be long until tablets, televisions and computers are far behind.

samsung display

What about the battery pack? Is that attached to a cable, then shoved into the user’s pocket?

The good news is 2012 is just around the corner. I just hope Samsung picks a release date prior to 12/20/2012

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