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Is China Showing a Sign of Shift in Its Policy Stance on North Korea?


With regard to China’s decision, how US assesses China’s movement

With the reports starting to make headlines that the Bank of China publicly announced last week that it closed the account of North Korea’s Foreign Trade Bank, question then emerged, is China showing a sign of shift in its policy stance on North Korea?

In her remarks to press South Korea, Special Representative Glyn Davies for North Korea Policy addresses the issue by saying that from the American perspective it looks as if China’s thinking continues to evolve in Beijing.

“Well, I think the Chinese attitude toward North Korea. I mean, I cannot speak for Beijing, I am not a Chinese diplomat but from the American perspective it looks as if their thinking continues to evolve in Beijing.” – Ms. Davies

A statue of Kim Ilsung.

She explains it is a new government in China and have their own set of interests in North Korea.

She adds China hase a unique relationship with North Korea as its largest trading partner and political ties.

However, Ms. Davies points out they will see what it means and they will see whether this signifies any kind of a real shift in how the Chinese are operating.

She finds it quite interesting and hopeful upon hearing the news.

“I cannot wait to learn more from Wu Dawei and colleagues in Beijing.” -Ms. Davies

How US evaluates the current situation on North Korea?

According to Ms. Davies, sometimes North Korea creates the impression that they are easing tension because they cease doing provocative and dangerous and destabilizing things.

“But I do not think that is the same as easing tension.” – Ms. Davies

She explains that easing tension and making diplomatic progress will come when North Korea begins to live up to its obligations and to meet its expectations and gets back on the path of diplomacy and denuclearization.

Ms. Davies points out that her visit in South Korea comes with a purpose to talk to the ROK government about how best to send the right signals to North Korea so that it understands that it should get away from this kind of endless cycle of provocations, followed by periods of silence, followed by more provocations.

What they need to do is to get back on a positive path toward diplomacy and toward real progress, and that starts with North Korea taking steps to demonstrate that it is serious about living up to its obligations.

Civilians killed by North Korean forces near Hamhung, October 1950.

US ‘Cool’ on war rhetorics from North Korea

With the war rhetoric reaching an unprecendented level from North Korea against US and South Korea last month, the United States of America responded with calmness and reiterated its readiness of defending itself and its allies.

US said President Kim Jong-un’s actions in recent weeks have been part of an escalating pattern of hot rhetoric as well as provocative actions.

North Korea’s threats are familiar pattern to the world

US said the provocations by North Korea is a familiar pattern, and it’s one to which the rest of the world has become somewhat inured.

However, US believes that the reality is, North Korea says it wants security, it says it wants economic development, and what it’s doing with its threats, with its rhetoric, with its provocations, is isolating itself more and more, impoverishing its people more and more, and taking itself further into the realm of becoming a full-scale international pariah with maximum sanctions on its doorsteps.

US tells Kim Jong-un to choose the path of peace

US reiterates that it would be much wiser for Kim Jong-un, as he assesses how to lead his country, to step back and to heed what has been the call of President Obama and other world leaders to choose the path of peace.

US urged Kim Jong-un must do what it would take to ensure North Korea’s security, ensure its potential economic development, and that’s uphold its international obligations and come into compliance with U.N. sanctions.

US and its allies ready to defend themselves

For the United States’ point of view, its interest is in reminding President Kim Jong-un and those around him of the benefits of an alternative peaceful course, ensuring that from its point of view, the United States and its allies are fully capable of defending themselves should there be a need to do so.

The US continues to underscore that that it is US intention to address the threat with dialogue.

What is China’s stance on North Korea’s rhetoric against US and South Korea?

US negotiates with China in the Security Council. Both countries negotiated multiple rounds now of sanctions against North Korea.

And the resolution that they passed most recently in February was the strongest yet.

US asserts China can do more and it is implementing the sanctions that they have agreed to, that they negotiated and passed.

However, what’s interesting about China’s stance now is that anyone can tell – by the nature of their statements, by the nature of their actions, that unlike in the past, they also are very much of the view that Kim Jong-un has gone too far and that this now is a situation that has the potential to directly threaten their interests in the region, both economic and security.

US says the reality is they are united, the rest of the world, in ensuring that this threat is contained and Kim Jong-un and North Korea are increasingly isolated, including from China.

US Ready to Defend South Korea Against DPRK’s Aggression

Citing the unacceptable rhetoric from the North Korean Government against South Korea in the past few days, the United States of America has reaffirmed its commitment to protect and defend South Korea from North Korea’s aggression.

US Secretary of State John Kerry says he doesn’t want to speculate on North Korea’s intent or whether there’s a strategy or not a strategy for its recent threats against South Korea.

He reiterated that the United States will do what is necessary to defend itself and defend its allies, Korea and Japan.

Secretary Kerry sayid they are fully prepared and capable of doing so, and he thought the DPRK understands that.

US Ready To Defend Its Ally South Korea

According to Secretary Kerry, no one takes lightly, least of all the President of the United States, what has been happening, which is precisely why the President made the decision to redeploy missile defense with respect to the United States itself as well as to take other preparations in the region.

The US sends a very clear signal to our allies and the North alike that the United States will defend its allies and that it will not be subject to irrational or reckless provocation.

Secretary Kerry points out that the United States believes there is a very simple way for North Korea to rejoin the community of nations and make it clear that they want to pursue a peaceful path.

US has reiterated they are prepared to help them with if they will bring their behavior in line with the United Nations and global community requirements.

Both countries reportedly made progress in the tailored extended deterrence and the counter-provocation plan.

US and South Korea Celebrate 60 Years Of Alliance

US and South Korea are two very close friends, countries, that have traveled a very interesting journey together for 60 years now.

The United States and the Republic of South Korea, for decades have worked side-by-side as allies.

Both countries have stood up to a wide range of challenges over that period of time, not just in the Asia Pacific, but in other parts of the world as well.

The United States is completely committed to deepening this relationship in the years ahead.

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