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Fiji Ready to Restore Democracy on ‘Successful’ Elections


Voter Turnout ‘Encouraging’ In Fiji

Thousands of Fijians finally cast their ballots after eight years with the hope to restore democracy in an election with large voter turnout.

The South Pacific nation conducted the first general elections since the 2006 military coup with75-100 percent turnout.

Reports say than 520,000 voters are eligible to cast their ballots. The election for the 50-seat parliament closed at 6 p.m. Wednesday, September 17.

US Congratulates Fiji For Successful Elections

The US congratulated Fiji for conducting a successful and the steps they have taken towards restoring democracy.

Fijian mountain warrior, 1870s.

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the United States looks forward to the conclusion of the vote tally and certification of the results.

“The United States is committed to working with the people of Fiji, and their elected government, as they work to strengthen democratic and inclusive institutions.” – Ms. Psaki

She emphasized that the US wishes to deepen its engagement and expand cooperation, building on the enduring ties between the American and Fijian people.

Ethnic Indians comprise a dominant part of Fiji’s population of nearly 900,000.

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