Things to do in Brisbane

Brisbane is full of amazing experiences and attractions, but finding the perfect things to do in Brisbane can be tricky. Try some of these favourites and make the most of your Queensland adventure.

things to do in brisbane. Photo by Valeriia Miller on
Things to do in Brisbane. Photo by Valeriia Miller on

Check Out the Markets

Brisbane is home to many markets. Time the trip to visit as many markets as possible, or just head out to see whichever market is on while you’re there. The Brisbane City Markets are on every Wednesday and Thursday and full of fresh produce, artisan goods, and more.

There are weekend markets throughout the city where there is a bit of everything. And the night markets combine the fun shopping of markets with the excitement of live music. The markets are a great way to experience the culture of Brisbane while enjoying some delicious street food or that memento to take home to remember the perfect Queensland trip.

Sail Along the River

The Brisbane River flows through the middle of the city, separating the north and south banks. The city ferry runs up and down the river, and you can jump on it for free. From the ferry, enjoy gorgeous vistas of the north and south of the city while leisurely floating along the water. If that isn’t enough, join a river cruise and take it easy on the journey along the river.

Pick a quick cruise that’s a few hours long or one that includes lunch or dinner, to prolong the experience. If cruises aren’t your style but you want to get out on the water, look for the special days when the river is open to kayaking – just hire a kayak and set out on the water!

Enjoy the Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1970, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens are 56 hectares (138 acres) of lush greenery, just out of the city centre. The gardens feature several environments, including a collection of native Australian rainforest trees, a Japanese garden, the tropical dome – a dome of glass with lush greenery inside – and more. Entry to the gardens is free and so are the frequent guided tours of the gardens.

The gardens are one of the best things to do in Brisbane for people who love to spend some time in nature or learn about interesting plants.

Discover the Cultural Centre

South Bank is home to many things to do in Brisbane, and one of those is all the wonders of the cultural centre. The centre is the home of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the Queensland Museum, the Queensland Art Gallery, the State Library of Queensland, and the Gallery of Modern Art. All these cultural buildings are grouped together to make things easier and also to add some culture to a day out.