Depression and Stress Are Prevalent In Third-World Countries

Depression and stress have different meanings in the dictionary and are not related to the word “poverty” but these words are considered synonyms in Third-world countries.


Poverty has been reported to be a major cause of depression and stress. In turn these are reported to be major causes of shortened life expectancy in these countries.

According to recent credible international surveys across the globe, on average, almost 15 percent of the people in these countries live below the poverty line. This means they are not even able to manage the basic necessities of life.

This is where depression and stress develops, when the basic necessities are not met and the requirements of your own children are not fulfilled. At this point, the guilt of not being able to manage it creeps into the mind of the common man. The guilt brings on depression. Stress also develops, with constantly thinking about how to manage the crisis.

According to a viral news website, where there is poverty, there is an excessive rise in population growth of the country without advancements being made in many sectors. This results in more scarce resources remaining, and due to the poverty factor, it is reported that many children are malnourished!

depression and stress in third-world countries.Over Population

The ever-growing world population has had a negative impact on even the developed countries. This can only make us imagine the conditions of these third world countries where the basics are not provided and wealth is scarce, as stated in news websites.

This is obvious that when a house of four people consisting of a husband and a wife with two children are not able to afford basic food and other necessities for themselves, they will struggle more and fall into further misery if their family expands. This puts even more stress on the parents’ mind and excess depression creeps in.


An under-developed country, with little advancement being made, and mediocre infrastructure and medical facilities, may seek interest from developed countries to invest, but few multi-national companies will commit. This means continuing high rates of unemployment and under-employment in these countries.


It’s been reported that the lack of job opportunities has been considered to be a leading cause of depression and mental stress which has also led to an increase in other serious health problems and the death rate.

In short, depression and stress are two menaces destroying the world currently and spreading into the common man’s daily life like a fire in the jungle. Third world countries need to improve themselves and the developed ones should look at them with sympathy in order to help them and eradicate two menaces of the world – “Depression” and “Stress.”

Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.