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UN Mission in Sudan Plays Critical Role to Maintain Stability in The Region


Ambassador Susan E. Rice today stressed that United Nations Mission in Sudan plays critical role in maintaining regional stability in the region.

In an explanation of vote on Resolution 1997, Ms. Rice said the the United States deeply regrets the necessity to vote on the resolution to end the UNMIS mandate.

“We call on the Government of Sudan yet again to reconsider its demand that UNMIS cease its activities in the Republic of Sudan effective July 9. The mission has a critical role to continue to play in regional stability, especially in the Two Areas.” -Ms. Rice

An Mi26 heavy lift cargo helicopter of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) is seen landing as UNMIS troops prepare to depart from their mission site in armoured personnel carriers for a patrol around Abyei town.UN Photo/Stuart Price

Ms. Rice emphasized that the United States is sending a clear message along with other Council members that it wants the United Nations to remain in the Two Areas, especially at the critical juncture. She explained that with the resolution 1997, the Council has made clear that it is ready to authorize continued UN operations in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile to support new security arrangements.

“We will continue over the coming weeks to urge the Government of Sudan to accept this. It is in their interest to do so. We hope others in the international community will continue to encourage Khartoum to accept this.” -Ms. Rice

She highlighted that it is critical that the Government of Sudan cooperate fully with UNMIS as it begins the process of withdrawing.

“We continue to be deeply concerned about the fighting in Southern Kordofan, the displacement of civilians, and the ensuing humanitarian crisis.” -Ms. Rice

Ms. Rice underscored that the Government of Sudan and SPLM-North must return to the negotiating table in the coming days and agree to an immediate cessation of hostilities.

“We call on the Government of Sudan as well to work actively on agreements to bring peace and stability to the border, and in Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan states.” -Ms. Rice

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