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Somali Ministers Check TFG Advances Against Extremist Group

The ministers of the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) today visited Lower Jubba province in southern Somalia, where the government armed forces have defeated the extremist group.

Similarly, a delegation of ministers and legislators have already reached Gedo region to observe the most recent advances made by the Somali government troops.

The deputy minister of defense for Somalia government, Abdirashid Mohammed Hidig told the media that the government’s delegation is still at the Lower Jubba region, especially in Dhobley, a district about 2-kilometers from Liboya town in Kenya.

Dhobley is where the government’s forces and Islamists opposition group bitterly fought last week.

Mr. Hidig said, “The delegation’s visit is to ensure and encourage Somali national army forces’ operations to keep on fighting and decimating the extremist group.”

Currently, the situation of Dhobley border town is very tense as Islamists groups are trying control Dhobley where they were defeated by the TFG forces just recently.

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