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Darfur Genocide Continues: 12 Stories to Inform and Inspire Your Efforts

The plight of Darfur has never looked bleaker. But in the following we can find models to inspire citizens to levels of Heroism that can Save Darfur. ‘Never Again’ let us have too few citizen Heroes in the face of Genocide. [Did you know that of the recognized 10,000+ Holocaust Rescuers, only three (3) were in the USA?]

.” ..And so the first question that the priest asked, the first question that the Levite asked was, “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to ME?” But then the Good Samaritan came by , and he reversed the question: “If I do NOT stop to help this man, what will happen to HIM?” … Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

1. Duke Groups march for Darfur awareness Carrying “Pray for Darfur” and “Don’t Ignore the Crisis in Darfur” signs, students, professors and children walked last night from the Marketplace to the Duke Chapel as part of the Darfur pilgrimage walk organized by the Internationally Minded People of Faith.

2. Darfur Fasters Begin Week Four “Darfur is Dying for heroes,” said Rosemary, a mid 40’s conservative, Christian writer in California who is on a 400 calorie per day Hunger Strike. “During WWII, Jews saved from Genocide were saved by 10,000 plus “rescuers,” citizen heroes that risked everything, including their immediate families to save others. ‘Never Again’ means nothing if not ‘Never Again so few citizen heroes in the face of Genocide.'”

3. Teach-in on Darfur Sunday A “Teach-In on Darfur” will take place on Sunday, Oct. 29, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Temple Shir Tikva, 141 Boston Post Road, Wayland… Speakers will include Susannah Sirkin, deputy director of Physicians on Human Rights who provided humanitarian aid to refugees in Darfur this summer, and Dr. Alex de Waal, program director of Social Science Research Council and fellow of Global Equity Initiative at Harvard who has interviewed tribal chiefs in Darfur for 20 years.

4. State of Humanity Forum: ‘Darfur silence is lethal’ In opening the inaugural State of Humanity Forum, held Oct. 17 at Valley Beth Shalom, Marcy Rainey, VBS chair of Jewish World Watch (JWW), spoke of the atrocities in Darfur, proclaiming: “Silence is lethal, and meekness is inexcusable.”

5. City march to focus on civil war in Darfur AFRICANS in Winnipeg watching the genocide in Darfur fear conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and now North Korea are overshadowing the suffering in Sudan. On Sunday, people from African countries who’ve survived similar slaughters are hosting a march to draw attention to the civil war in Darfur. Protesters are leaving the University of Winnipeg at 1:30 p.m. and marching to the Manitoba legislature.

6. JACtivists pay attention to Darfur After doing a lot of research this past summer, Willis felt she was ready to tackle such a complex case of human rights abuses and decided to form JACtivists. Right now, the club of about 15 members is doing its first campaign on Darfur.

7. San Antonio Interfaith group joins die-in to raise awareness of Darfur woes The San Antonio Interfaith Darfur Coalition is one local group that on Oct. 24, United Nations Day, held a “Die-In for Darfur,” an idea originated by member Ellie Pavliska as a media and educational event hosted by University Presbyterian Church… About 30 people were on hand, mostly teens in high school and adults in their parents’ and grandparents’ generations.

8. UCSF’s Jason Miller Helps Pen New Sudan Divestment Editorial Often in our history college students have been ahead of governments in recognizing and fighting for important issues. In 1961 students launched a historic journey into the deep South on the Freedom Rides, risking their lives in pursuit of civil rights. More recently, students across the nation have stood alongside janitors and cooks from their campuses to fight for fair wages and other rights. Now students from across California are again proving their mettle – this time fighting to end the unthinkable genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.Sue Baldini, Rockaway. Do something about Darfur To the Editor: I am writing in hopes that this will bring attention to the atrocious situation in Darfur….

9. Amherst agenda includes Darfur While fall Town Meeting begins Monday night, a special town meeting has been scheduled for the second night of the meeting – this one transcends the business of budgets and zoning. Voters at the four-article special meeting Wednesday night will voice opinions about genocide in the Darfur Region of the Sudan….

10. Felciano Cast in ‘Darfur Play;’ Talkbacks Announced New York Times Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof, NBC “Today” and “Dateline” Anchor Ann Curry and Humanitarian Aide Worker Joann Ellen Kingsley will join playwright Winter Miller in a post-show discussion following the reading of her new play on Darfur on Friday, November 3rd at 7:30 PM at the Public Theater.

11. No Justice for Darfur Rape Victims Activists call on ICC to bring alleged rapists in Darfur to trial, as reports speak of a massive upsurge in rape cases. The worst case was that of a nine-year-old girl who had left the refugee encampment to gather grass for thatch and as fuel. A smiling man approached her and asked her to help him. She agreed, but as they moved further from the camp she told him her mother had told her not to wander so far… Turning ugly, the man gagged her and tied her on top of the bundles of grass before raping her repeatedly. On release, she staggered back to the camp where Laird treated her for bleeding so severe that the child was unable to walk for many days afterwards.

12. Call for Action to Stop Fighting in Darfur, Sudan Newspaper advertisements appeared in two major American newspapers recently (Washington Post and New York Times) calling on the international community to take strong action against Sudan’s government to halt the conflict between the government and rebels in Darfur, Sudan. A private, bi-partisan, U.S. foreign policy group called “Partnership for a Secure America” says it placed the advertisement to encourage policy-makers to act to protect the huge numbers of people affected by the fighting.

13. More at DarfurDyingForHeroes.blogspot.com

By Jay McGinley

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