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Congo Supreme Court Fails to Evaluate Widespread Reports of Poll Irregularities

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said United States is deeply disappointed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the electoral commission’s provisional results without fully evaluating widespread reports of irregularities.

“We believe that the management and technical execution of these elections were seriously flawed, lacked transparency and did not measure up to the democratic gains we have seen in recent African elections.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed it is still not clear whether the irregularities were sufficient to change the outcome of the election.

She noted that the United States believes that a review of the electoral process by the Congolese authorities and outside experts may shed additional light on the cause of the irregularities, identify ways to provide more credible results, and offer guidance for the ongoing election results and for future elections.

“We strongly urge all Congolese political leaders and their supporters to act responsibly, renounce violence, and resolve any disagreements through peaceful, constructive dialogue.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton called on Congolese authorities to investigate and prevent election related human rights violations and we urge security forces to show restraint in maintaining order.

She stressed that the United States continues to offer its assistance and it stand with the Congolese people in their quest for greater peace and democracy at home and throughout the region.

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