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African Union Vital to Solve Problems Confronting Africa and The World

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said African Union is vital to solve problems confronting Africa and the world.

Secretary Clinton commended the African Union for their efforts to end the brutal campaign of the Lord’s Resistance Army, their push to create a green revolution for Africa that drives down hunger and poverty, the challenge of helping refugees displaced by conflict, and the fight against transnational crimes like piracy and trafficking.

“These are diplomatic and development challenges of enormous complexity. But institutions like this make it easier for us to address them, by helping nations turn common interests into common actions, by encouraging coalition building and effective compromising, by integrating emerging nations into a global community with clear obligations and expectations.”-Ms. Clinton

According to Ms. Clinton, to solve the problems confronting Africa and the world, she stressed the need the important role African Union in the region. She also stated that the world needs Africa’s sub-regional institutions.

“Economic growth here spurs economic growth elsewhere. Breakthroughs in health research here can save and improve lives in other lands. And peace established here makes the world more secure.”-Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton further cited that the United States seeks new and dynamic partnerships with African people, nations, and institutions. She said the United States wants to help Africa accelerate the advances that are underway in many places and collaborate with them to reverse the dangerous trends and encourage political, economic, and social progress.

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