Welcome To The United States of Women #USOW

A once silent movement is now vocalising and organizing in this country, as well as across the entire world ( The Feminist Movement ). The United States of Women is gaining power. And although many may not recognize exactly what this movement is, I want to clarify that it is “The Resurrection Of A Modern Day Amazon Nation.” And it is ironic that men hate and resent Feminists, because men themselves are directly responsible for inspiring Feminism.

The feminist mindset was and is created and nurtured by “no good men” through their negative actions and attitudes towards women. And because of this, there will be a complete and total separation between the two sexes.

Because frankly, feminists and their supporters have deemed men counter-productive to the natural order and harmony of life. And they are systematically separating themselves from the mental and physical control of men through lesbianism.

They have created sex toys to make it possible to live without the male penis, they are becoming lesbians for companionship to live without men. They are rapidly becoming financially independent so that they will not be controlled or manipulated by men and their money. They have created sperm banks and artificial insemination to avoid sexual contact with men all together.

Through technology, males are rapidly becoming obsolete in every way, but because of their arrogance and blinding faith in the imaginary manipulating powers of their penis – they cannot see the matrix changing around them.

And whats more, for centuries men have had an unyielding faith that their “Religions” have been rewritten to place man as ruler over women. That is totally out of accord with nature as well as logic.

United States of Women #USOW. Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay
United States of Women #USOW. Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Reversing Backward Logic

But to the modern woman, this will no longer keep men in power – as the feminist movement seeks to reverse this backward logic.

They plan to introduce a new religion which will put man back into his god appointed place – which is “The Help Mate” (i.e) a woman’s slave. Feminist are doing this because they understand nature, which is feminine itself.

Feminists are awake to the fact that everything that is born is born from a female – not a male. The first human being was EVE – not Adam. Logically because God would have had to create “the reproductive machine” first, in order to reproduce himself into who we know as Adam.

The feminist movement seeks to reintroduce that way of thinking back into society, and as a result – gain dominance over mankind. And under this movement when it comes into full fruition, men and women will be taught their proper place from birth under the true religion “The Religion of Nature.”

Banning Other Religions

And all other religions that contradict this teaching will be “banned” along with those persons that will not submit to these teachings. – They will be deemed outlaws of nature, violations that will be punishable in a court of law.

This may seem radical to most because we have been living in a reality created from man’s perversions of the laws of nature – but this is the true nature of male and female.

We now know that the laws of god were “rewritten” by a sick mind during one of the many battles of the sexes that took place eons ago. And this sick genius used religion and god as a means to deceive us all and reverse human nature in the name of male dominance.

The feminist movement is simply nature’s way of rectifying the injustice that has been inflicted upon it by ( In my opinion ) the devil himself.

A devil who vowed in Genesis 3:15 to “place enmity between us” by using the very thing he knew humanity would believe in, and that is God’s word.

The United States of Women

The United States of Women is only a sign of what’s to come for all nations. A sign that this is no longer a man’s world. – We are now under the control of the most influential power known to man, and that is “Girl Power.” #USOW

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