New Guidelines Strengthen UN Conflict Mediation Efforts Worldwide

A new guidelines was unveiled today by United Nations that aims to strengthen world’s body’s conflict mediation efforts worldwide.

The new guidelines will specifically help mediators address the problem of sexual violence in conflict by placing the issue high on the agenda when brokering peace agreements and ceasefires.

“The use of sexual violence to degrade and intimidate men, women or children in war is an intolerable practice.” – Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe

Margot Wallstrom, Special Representative of the SecretaryGeneral on Sexual Violence in Conflict, holds a press conference at the UN Office at Geneva (UNOG), Switzerland. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferre

He stresses that UN mediators must be sensitized to the problem and have the know-how to push for agreements at the peace table that can help stop it and to prevent its recurrence.

The new guildelines was developed by the UN Department of Political Affairs (DPA) and is entitled “Guidance for Mediators on addressing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Ceasefire and Peace Agreements.”

The new guidlines will support efforts by other UN entities to combat the problem.

Security Council has considered sexual violence a threat to security and an impediment to peace.

Included in the guidelines is the inclusion of sexual violence in the definition of cease-fires and the monitoring of them.

Among its key principles, the guidance obliges mediators to engage parties in discussing the issue and to work towards firm commitments to cease all acts of conflict-related sexual violence.

“Negotiations and the cease-fires or peace agreements they produce are crucial moments of opportunity to do something to combat this terrible scourge.” -Mr. Pascoe

The guidelines will be issued to all UN mediators and mission chiefs. It is incorporated in training and briefing materials for envoys and their teams.

The guidelines also promote the inclusion of sexual violence in the definition of acts covered by a ceasefire and monitored for. The guidlines also suggest ways to address the problem in peace accord provisions related to security and justice.

On August 2011, the United Nations official reported that women and girls fleeing famine in Somalia were being raped or abducted and forced into marriage by bandits and other armed groups as they tried to reach refugee camps in Kenya.

During the long and perilous journey from Somalia to the camps in Kenya, women and girls are subjected to attacks, including rape, by armed militants and bandits. Once they cross the Somalia-Kenya border or reach Dadaab – the world’s largest refugee settlement – their hopes of finding a safe haven are often overshadowed by new dangers and hardships, including the risk of rape.

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