Madonna Is A New Mom to Adopted Malawi Twins

Madonna is Set to Expand Her Brood

Madonna is a new mom again as she announced to the world she has adopted twin girls from Malawi.

The superstar shared the big news by posting a photo in the Instagram with a caption saying, “I can officially confirm I have completed the process of adopting twin sisters from Malawi and am overjoyed that they are now part of our family.

The “Like a Virgin” singer added, “I am deeply grateful to all those in Malawi who helped make this possible.”

The singer also appealed to the public for privacy from during “this transitional time.”

BBC reports the superstar got permission for the adoptions by a court in Malawi on Tuesday.

The Twins

Nothing could stop Madonna wanting to adopt the Malawi twins. Media reports say the pop singer made efforts to convince the judge in Malawi that she was in good health and able to look after the twins. Finally, court papers on Wednesday revealed the singer is fit to adopt the four-year-old girls, named Stella and Esther.

Titus Mvalo, a lawyer for Madonna in Malawi, told Reuters, “Madonna has demonstrated over the years that she has passion for Malawi and her children and therefore the court was satisfied and could not stop the adoption of the twins.”

Information about the Malawi girls was discovered through the singer’s charity work.

CNN news says the twins’ mother died soon after giving birth. Their father married a different woman, leaving only their grandparents to care for them and their siblings.

Madonna’s Children

Madonna, 58, is also the mother of Lourdes Leon, 20; Rocco Ritchie, 16; David Banda, 11 and Mercy James, 11.

This is not only the first time the singer adopted children from Malawi. In fact, the singer’s two 11-year-olds were both adopted from Malawi in 2006 and 2009, respectively.

Madonna is known for her “long standing history with Malawi.” This is due to her prominent charitable efforts in the Southern African country.

The superstar recently raised $7.5 million for her non-profit foundation “Raising Malawi” which plans to fund the construction of a pediatric surgery ward at The Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. That facility is slated to open next year.

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