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Living Up to Your Potential With Your Style of Dressing

Did you know that your hair color speaks a lot when it comes to dressing? With certain hair colors, you won’t be able to pull off bright colors because it will just wash you out.

Simply shop for an outfit that will blend right in with your hair color and just take a second look at what you’re working with. So don’t wear something that will make you look like you’re waiting tables as it was stated in the show “What not to wear.”

Cropped pants are always in and will always be in. So therefore, pay attention to your accessories that will bring your outfit to life. Try wearing a wedged shoe for once which goes with just about everything. Put together a look that speaks for what you do career wise.

However, your clothing should spell confidence within yourself and how you perceive the way that you look. Try bolder colors and accessories and try to take some style notes especially if you’re clueless about what to buy. By all means, when you’re out shopping for jeans, don’t get something that makes you have a pancake butt. Try dressing up your neck with fabulous accessories and scarves.

When it comes to shopping for a suit, short set two piece suits are always in such as the walking shorts with a blazer that has a great fit. Shop at NY&Co. and Lord & Taylor for this look when shopping for the perfect suit. Once your outfit is completely put together, you’ll have confidence. You need a great hairstyle and make up treatment that will complete that look of yours as well.

Nadia Cherubin is a passionate writer, author, fashionista and trendsetter who writes about entertainment and fashion. Contact Nadia through NewsBlaze.

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