Travelling to Leh Ladakh For the First Time

Ladakh is located in Jammu & Kashmir state of India and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India. It is well known for Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, as it borders Tibet. Naturally there is a lot of Tibetan culture and lifestyle out there.

Tourists must make it a point to understand the prevailing climatic conditions before visiting. Also, they must make themselves aware of the precautions that to take, in case of extreme conditions.

Here are several things travellers must know before buying Leh Ladakh tour packages, to help mentally prepare for an exciting trip.


Since the altitude of Ladakh varies between 9000 feet to 25,170 feet, visitors can expect severe winters between Decembers to February. Throughout that season the temperature is generally sub-zero, which is between -30 degrees C to -60 degree C. Therefore, summer months are more comfortable and safer for the tourists.

Permit & passport

There is no need for any permit as such. However, all foreign travellers, particularly those travelling by road, will need to register. Those travelling by air, also need to register at the airport.

There are few restricted areas, for which tourists will need to obtain necessary permits. Registered travel agencies can help to procure these permits. Tourists must carry 6 copies of the permits, which must be submitted at checkpoints.

Altitude Sickness

This is a very common problem that most of tourists will need to manage since altitude of the region is quite high. It takes a few days to get used to such extreme conditions. There are some medicines available to help if needed. It is recommended for travellers to get good sleep during the night, and avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.


Many people suffer from fever, headaches, and stomach aches, besides altitude sickness. There are a few recommended medicines they must definitely carry, to cope with these issues.

Police Station

If tourists face any difficulties, then they can contact the nearest police station. Police stations fall under the jurisdiction of Jammu & Kashmir Police.

Telephone /Internet Service

At this place, only BSNL postpaid service will work for mobile phones, as no other towers are available. However, while travelling around hills and valleys, internet services, as well as mobile connectivity, will be disrupted.

Bank/ATM Facilities

There are ATM facilities available but only at a few places. Therefore, it is recommended for tourists to carry sufficient cash with them. Credit cards are not accepted anywhere, which is why cash is needed for shopping.

Staying, Accommodation, and Food

There are a few hotels available, but most of accommodation facilities are available in the form of homestays. With this arrangement, tourists get to taste the hospitality of Ladakhi people. The locals generally serve delicious Ladakhi foods.


Summer month starts from mid-June to September, when the temperature is pleasant. During this time, tourists can wear T-shirts and jeans. However, people travelling between November and February should carry heavy woollen clothes.

Leh Ladakh

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