Travel Trends In 2017 That Will Drive The Tourism Industry

Tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide. The total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy is more than $7 trillion. The number of international tourist arrivals worldwide is over 1100 million, which is a massive count. Worldwide revenue from online travel bookings is approximately $500 billion.

Trends In Tourism

All these statistics are indicative of the fact that tourism is still expanding. Tour and activity providers want their companies to run successfully. They are used to spotting trends in the volatile industry. Here are some of the upcoming trends to watch in 2017.

  • Active and Adventure Trips

The number one trend for 2017 is active and adventure travel. These experiences include a Safari trip in Africa or hiking the Swiss Alps. The customer demographics suggest that women are more interested in adventure travel with a percentage of 53. North and South America are ideal destinations for an adventure trip. Interest is also increasing among clients for a more customized experience. Look forward to activities like surfing, hiking, and cycling this year.

  • Female Solo Travel

More than 80% of travel decisions are made by women now. The tourism industry is taking note of women’s dominance. Female travelers are getting much bolder experiencing and exploring new places. They have their own say.

3 years ago, 72% of American women took a solo trip. The number increased in the following years. They are looking more towards adventure than a relaxing trip, breaking the traditional stereotypes.

Tour companies must take advantage of the trend. They will benefit most if women’s safety is ensured. There are many other tips to follow as well.

  • Food Tourism

Foods play an important role in tourism. Food tourism is relatively a new trend emerging in the industry. Even the tourism experts have taken notice. Food experiences are not only about dining. It involves farm tours and classic food markets as well.

These experiences are closely linked to the location’s culture. For example, you will find a different cuisine in Switzerland and a unique taste in Kerala India. Tourism companies must provide distinctive food experiences.

  • Mobile Photography

It is no wonder tourists are looking for different ways to document their travels. More and more mobile phones are used to capture notable moments given the quality of photographs taken.

Tour operators can take benefits out of this new trend. This will enhance their marketing strategy as well. It is a great social media marketing tool as it builds up user-generated content.

  • Business and Leisure Travel

This is one of the favorite topics among tourism experts in 2017. Some anticipated a very profitable trend for tour and activity providers, and many projects will rise in popularity. However, some arguments suggest that this is not an emerging trend. Some statistics show it has become static in the past 5 years. Business travelers have been extending their trips for leisure purposes for many years, so it isn’t an emerging trend unless it comes with a new angle.


2016 was an interesting year in travel and tourism. Trends like staycations and strength of Chinese markets shook the industry. Tourism companies leveraged new opportunities. 2017 is the year to look forward to seeing more change. Travel companies can use these trends to create new, effective marketing strategies. Travel customers can experience these trends at least once in their life, but should choose a tourism company wisely.

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