Top Three Summer Tourism Trends in Iran

Summer vacations are fast approaching, and people are looking for ideas to get the most out of their holidays. For those who want to go on a foreign trip, planning at least a month or two ahead is a wise decision, especially if they’ve never been to the destination country before. Gathering some information about the country you are visiting for the first time helps have a more convenient and stress-free experience and be more informed about the future journey.

As tourism is becoming a big source of income for many countries, governments are investing a lot in this ever-growing industry, trying to focus on certain tourism sub-industries or tourism spots that have the potential to draw visitors from all around the world.

While tourism in Iran is so diverse and multi-faceted, here is a look at the 3 top summer tourism trends in the country to see why people travel to Iran in summer.

  • Medical tourism

With the huge potential Iran has in medical tourism, this rather young industry is drawing much attention in the country. Iran’s remarkable development in medical sciences, proficient doctors, and highly affordable cost of healthcare services – which further went down following the recent drastic devaluation of the Iranian rial against foreign currencies – have made Iran a great destination for medical tourists.

The Persian Gulf country has over the past years, attracted foreign patients from a wide range of countries, mostly from the neighboring Arab nations. Iran’s proximity to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, UAE, Oman, etc. is another contributing factor to the willingness of health tourists from these countries to visit Iran for medical or cosmetic treatments.

Top Three Summer Tourism Trends in Iran 1

A large portion of health tourists traveling to Iran is seeking cosmetic procedures, including the highly popular nose reshaping surgery known as rhinoplasty. The exceptional quality of rhinoplasty in Iran and its cost, for example, is drawing thousands of young women and men from different parts of the world to the country, even countries as far as Australia and Canada.

As major players in the medical tourism field, Iranian health tourism service providers are now being inundated with requests from foreign people who are looking to make a trip to Iran for health tourism purposes, especially students who want to make use of their summer break to go under the knife to enhance their appearance.

  • Spectacular mountains replete with waterfalls and springs

The scorching summers of most Middle Eastern countries call for hitting the road to a place where you can spend a while cooling yourself down away from the heat of your home country. With its two major mountain ranges – Alborz and Zagros – stretching from the northwest of the country to the northeast and southwest, respectively, Iran enjoys summer tourist spots that offer a unique experience to foreign tourists.

The numerous waterfalls, rivers, mountain springs, and mountain climbing routes scattered across the mountainous regions of Iran, including the provinces of Tehran, Ardabil, East Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari, Kohgiloyeh va Boyer Ahmad, etc. might not strike a European traveler as interesting, but for those living in a hot country like Oman, are well worth visiting.

Top Three Summer Tourism Trends in Iran 2

Those nature-loving people who enjoy spending time in nature, camping, trekking, mountain climbing, and observing, must be fascinated by the splendor of the jungles and green mountains in Northern Iran. As a holiday haven for local tourists, Northern Iran has also become a popular tourist attraction for travelers from the Persian Gulf countries.

  • Visit Kish and Chabahar without a visa

The two free trade zones of Kish Island and Chabahar, situated off the coast of Persian Gulf and on the Coast of Gulf of Oman, respectively, are popular tourist resorts in Iran. Foreign travelers can visit these two destinations without having to obtain a visa for Iran and stay up to 14 days.

Kish Island has much to offer to tourists. People can enjoy recreational activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, wake-boarding, jet skiing, and biking. The historical underground city of Kish Island that once was being used for supplying water for drinking and irrigation purposes in the island, which is made of wells and sloping underground channels, is now a great tourist attraction after it has been renovated and modernized.

The Harireh Ancient City, the Greek Ship, beached in 1966 on the coast of the island, Markan Beach, Greek Tree Complex, and Kish sea turtles, are other must-see attractions in the ‘pearl of the Persian Gulf.’

Chabahar is also one of southern Iran’s hot tourist destinations, which is increasingly drawing the attention of adventurous travelers. Boasting a variety of natural, historical and cultural attractions, Chabahar is, like Kish Island, a visa-free zone that offers a two-week stay without requiring a visa.

The rocky coast of Chabahar is unique in Iran, at which people can watch whales frolicking off the coast. The violent hitting of sea waves against the rocky cliffs creates an amazing phenomenon called “wave splash.” It involves a huge splash of water and sometimes eruption of water out of the rocky holes, which goes up into the air as high as 10 meters.

Other attractions of Chabahar include the Portuguese Castle, the Banmasity Caves, the ancient Tis Port, the wonderful Martian Mountains, the Telegraph House, and the unique culture of the local Baluch people, to name but a few.

Top Three Summer Tourism Trends in Iran 3

Whether looking for some information about how to get plastic surgery in Iran or just thinking about a trip to one of the most fascinating countries with a rich culture, history, and people, a wonderful experience must be awaiting you. Although often portrayed as a dangerous place to visit, in reality, Iran stands as one of the safest countries to travel, as safe as the UK, according to 2019 Travel Risk Map. Put away all doubts and start planning before summer arrives.

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