Top 5 Cross Country Road Trip Tips

Cross country road trips are making a comeback. Since COVID-19, more Americans have decided to forego airline travel and are opting for an “on the road” experience instead. There’s something liberating about road travel and making the most out of a long journey. As the age-old saying goes, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Cross country trips allow individuals to discover all the things they may have never known; the fact is, the Great American Road Trip has so much to offer. It gives Americans the opportunity to explore hidden beauties and learn more about its rich history. These tips will save road trippers a lot of time and money. Here are a few helpful tips:

Choose a Cross-Country Ready Vehicle

Before traveling, ensure the vehicle is cross country ready. Check the vents, air filter, oil, tires-a full maintenance check is necessary for a ride of this caliber. It would take nearly ten days for a complete road trip around America, but road trippers should also factor in the pit stops and breaks, which could easily add up to two to three months on the road. Check out extended warranty options from companies like Olive, which offer flexible pricing and vehicle-specific plans.

Furthermore, make sure to bring a car survival kit. Anything from tire iron and jack, to chain or a towing row. Screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers can save plenty of trouble in the long run, so don’t forget them. Before the day of travel, double check the tires, wipers, and headlights one more time.

Explore Travel Styles

Every traveler should understand their travel style. Everyone joining the trip should have similar travel styles or plans to compromise. There are plenty of travel itinerary planners that make it easy to collaborate with fellow travelers or organize a solo trip.

Either way, it’s important to always incorporate moments of reflection. Travelers who don’t allow themselves to absorb their surroundings often end up focusing on the gas pedal and not on their surroundings. It’s crucial to take a break, gaze at sunsets, visit mountain peaks, and truly become one with the surroundings. Everyone has different destination goals but finding the perfect balance when traveling will keep everyone’s nerves at bay.

Book Hotel Reservations Ahead of Time

Being on the road isn’t easy. The long days visiting different stops will turn into tiring nights if travelers don’t have a good night’s sleep. Knowing where to sleep at night should be a top priority. It’s always a good idea to make lodging reservations before hitting the road. This way, even during the prime season, road trippers will have a nice place to stay at night and get enough sleep to start their journey the next.

Set a Budget

Creating a realistic budget is of great importance. Every road tripper should take into consideration all the necessary spending and add a little bit of buffer cash, just in case. Include admission tickets to national parks, museums, and other local attractions. Double check prices online for accuracy.

Add the lodging cost to the budget as well. Look for affordable accommodation that satisfies needs of each traveler and provides a chance to rest. Food can be a little tricky when on the road. Pack snacks that will last a few days but plan accordingly. Check online restaurant menus and choose to stop at locations that align with the budget and offer a unique local experience.

Plan What to Pack

A cross country road trip requires more clothes than the average trip, so smart packing is necessary. Stick to the essentials, bring at least one set of warm clothes during summer months, and create a packing list. Ultimately, each packing list depends on the destination and time of year. Research packing lists specific to certain destination. For instance, this packing list for Yosemite will help travelers looking to visit that destination specifically. Trial and error packing to ensure it fits in the vehicle while keeping all travelers comfortable.

Anne Lawson

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