Sydney and The City – Sexier Than Pamela Anderson

Sexier than Pamela Anderson

‘Tis the capital of Australia in everything but name. ‘Tis the most brand recognised city in the world, more-so-than the “king of the hill” according to Sinatra, New York, New York. ‘Tis the place for celebrities and our troops to indulge in and play with its many toys. ‘Tis one of the most expensive cities in the world, with the second most expensive housing prices in the world, after Los Angeles and equal to San Diego according to economists. ‘Tis the capital of the new year. G’day and welcome to Sydney, they say.

Capital of the Southern Hemisphere

Sydney is the homeland for almost all Australian and non Australian celebrities and politicians down under. It is the heart of the Australian economy, which houses the Australian Stock exchange and The Reserve Bank of Australia, it is the fashion and entertainment capital of the country and party central of the pacific. Sydney is Australia’s only global or major city of the world, very dense and stretches out to the Blue Mountains.

It is the place where Pepsi delegate, Britney Spears, was caught with a bottle of Cola in the world’s most photographed beach, Bondi. Sydney is the only “city city,” as locals call it in Australia.


Open up the local paper and watch Sydney be described as Manhattanesque, which by definition means to embrace or be embraced with the ultimate urban life and environment of or like that of Manhattan. Big buildings everywhere, traffic and density, the only non sleeping city of Australia, glamour and dirt juxtaposed, tourists and shops, and commercial culture everywhere.

George St is the heart of Australia; it is the busiest street with the most high-rises in the country and home to the Sydney Town Hall. The city is very pedestrian antagonistic, with bad traffic, pollution, noise and it gets very hot. The Sydney city council maintains height restrictions for the city in order to preserve sun access, maybe a little too much sun for a city, which is very humid and hot.

Sydney has some of the world’s best restaurants, including Tetsuyas, Australia’s finest and one of the top 5 restaurants of the world. There are many restaurants and cafes in Sydney, actually almost triple the amount of any other city in Australia. The harbour is the world’s finest and the Opera house is spectacular. The Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House are the most recognised icons in the world.

Sydney and Culture

Shopping in Sydney is fabulous, with a shopping centre everywhere-kind-of-culture. In the city, Pitt St Mall is Australia’s most famous shopping precinct, also the most expensive street in the country. Pitt St Mall, like Fifth Ave is amongst the world’s most expensive streets, with $8000 AUD per sqm for rent.

Sydney has beaches to die for. Beautiful layout, very crowded, very commercial and plenty of tourists, mainly from England and Brazil. The city is well known for its beaches as we saw in the 2000 Olympics, Bondi beach being celebrated during the opening ceremony.

Many actors from America, who found the US market difficult, headed down under to Sydney, during the fashion and entertainment boom in the mid to late 90’s in Sydney, after which FOX studios opened a massive studio near the city, and what followed was Australia’s first international film market.

Sydney is the place to be for aspiring actors in Australiasia, and many wannabe and professional performers across the region and beyond such as those from New Zealand who have headed in Sydney’s direction in previous years “to make it.”

Every major television network has its headquarters in Sydney, and almost all fashion magazines are located in Sydney and distributed around the country. Sydney is the capital of Australian fashion and media. Sydney’s queer eye is also a part of the fashion world of Australia. The Mardi Gras festival is one of the biggest in the world, held annually in Sydney.

Such as we say “there is no place like New York,” they say down under “there is no place like Sydney.”

Other noteable cities in Australia

Other Australian cities include Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. These cities have a more suburban and relaxed culture.