Planning A Trip To Kerala? Don’t Miss Out On These Mouth-Watering Delicacies

Kerala is known as the “God’s own Country” because of its scenic beauty. When tourists travel to the state, they come face-to-face with spectacular scenery, tranquil backwaters, magnificent wildlife, and serene beaches.

Besides the natural beauty of the land, the cuisine and delicacies of Kerala attract thousands of tourists to the state every year. There is good demand for Kerala tour packages, as more people are looking forward to visiting this beautiful state.

There are plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian, mouth-watering dishes guaranteed to satisfy all kinds of taste buds. Following are a few samples of popular Kerala dishes that tourists relish.

  • Aadu Atti Pathal – This dish is more popular among Muslim community of Kerala. A pancake is prepared by stuffing it with mutton and homemade spices. This dish has a nice flavour of south Indian spices.
  • Ada Pradhaman – This is another traditional Kerala dish prepared with rice, jaggery, sultanas, coconut milk, and cashew nuts. This food tastes sweet and will melt in the mouth.
  • Appam – This is prepared by mixing coconut milk with fermented rice. A pancake is prepared out of this mixture. It is fried with a little oil to prepare a pancake, where the middle portion remains soft, while the corner edges are crispy. Vegans can have it in combination with any vegetable stew, and non-vegetarians can enjoy it with crab curry or chicken stew.
  • Avial – This is a well known Keralite curry, where plenty of green and fresh vegetables are used along with coconut. Particularly during the Onam festival, this is a very popular dish. When taken with steamed rice, it tastes very good.
  • Fish molly – This is another traditional Malayalam dish, prepared with fish and coconut milk. Vinegar and lemon are also added and is taken with appam or rice.
  • Idiyappam – Idiyappam is a traditional breakfast dish that is available in many restaurants in Kerala. It is prepared from rice flour, which is steamed, and then it is pressed in the form of noodles. It can be eaten with egg curry, a plate of chickpeas or vegetable stew.
  • Kaalan – Kaalan is prepared with raw banana or yam, grated coconut, yoghurt and green chillies. The ingredient combination on this dish gives it a unique flavour and taste.
  • Nadan Kozhi Varutha tu – This is a Keralite spicy chicken dish that is prepared with less oil. Here people use it as a starter when it is fried. Also, it can be taken as side dish if prepared in gravy style.
  • Kozhikode Biriyani – This dish is generally served during weddings in Kerala. It is prepared with a special variety of rice called Khaima, and plenty of aromatic spices, and chicken. Sometimes boiled eggs and potato is also included to make it richer. It tastes simply delicious when eaten with pickle, raita, and mint chutney.
  • Puttu – This is prepared from rice flour, which is steamed to prepare cake rolls, and can be taken with fish or chicken curry. It also tastes awesome when eaten with ripe banana or jackfruit. Sweet black coffee is a great combination with this special Keralite dish.

Besides that, there are many other dishes that the tourists can relish when they visit Kerala.

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