More Than Two Billion Dollars Spent on Travel Every Day

According to the U.S. Travel Association, more than two billion dollars are spent daily on travel. However, despite spending their dollars within the same thriving industry, travelers can differ substantially in every other area. Destinations, activities and even social media platforms used can give an indication of which category a traveler falls into.

For the “adrenaline junkie,” Australia or New Zealand will likely be the landing spot where they can spend every waking hour getting the heartbeat racing. This will happen by engaging in on-the-edge activities such as skydiving through the clouds, zip lining across vast canyons, or riding the foamy white rapids down a river, armed with little more than a wetsuit and a paddle.

Do not expect to see them wrapping up the day by heading to a room at the local luxury hotel; a simple hostel with a bed on which to catch a few z’s will do the trick for this gal or guy. Socializing includes sharing the crazy GoPro videos captured on the last outing, pointing out the gnarliest parts of the ordeal.

The “partiers,” on the other hand, are not choosy about the accommodation in which they are laying their heads at the end of the night, as long as drinks are part of the package.

This type of traveler is most commonly seen in the European region, chugging his or her way through the local bars and pubs, then dancing and drinking the night away in the coolest clubs on the scene. You can identify them outside of their cocktail-inspired playgrounds by noting the t-shirt sporting a college emblem or name, a huge backpack, and possibly facial hair that has been left unattended for a week or two.

Want to learn more about the partiers? Check out Snapchat, where followers keep abreast of outings by an onslaught of Snapchat stories.

Learn more about these and other traveling styles by checking out the following infographic.

revinate traveler type infographic shows $2 billion spent on travel daily.Thanks to Revinate for this great travel infographic.