Effective Costa Rica Marketing Ranks Country as Top Brand in Latin America

Throughout the latter part of 2010 and through 2011-12, Costa Rica marketing has proven fruitful for the small Latin American nation.

Situated between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, Costa Rica has really stepped up in promotion levels in order to induce higher tourism numbers. The lion’s share of the GDP can be credited, in some form, to the Costa Rica tourism sector.

In November of 2011, an annual report was released by a British publishing company labeled The Country Brand Index. It is a world ranking to determine the “brand value” of the countries participating which included 113 to be exact.

Considerations included the natural features, business environment and compatibility towards foreign investment, culture and quality of life amongst others.

With the increasing trend of seniors retiring in Costa Rica, more baby boomers are opening their eyes to this amazing nation.

Why so stressed?

Dan Buettner, founder of Blue Zones, the company responsible for the classification of blue zones around the planet, determined that the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste was conducive to longer life cycles amongst it’s residents.

Additionally, in 2009, Costa Rica was elected “Happiest Place to Live on the Planet” according to the HPI (Happy Planet Index).

All this is testament to how effective the Costa Rica marketing is – however is it as sustainable as the country claims itself to be? In other words…is it simply hype?


As more and more people begin to grow uneasy within their home countries – whether for reasons of unemployment, political unrest or economic instability – the bottom line is, Costa Rica has silently become the exodus for many foreigners seeking peace from it all.

Supporting evidence of increased tourism activity can be found by major airlines like COPA and Delta Airlines increasing the number of flights to the country while others like Jet Blue debut routes to and from the USA. Furthermore, the Liberia International airport in Guanacaste has recently completed a new terminal capable of processing three times the tourists as previously possible.

Randy Berg is a resident of Costa Rica who’s been involved in the construction and development sector throughout Costa Rica. Randy had this to say,

In our 10+ years here in Costa Rica, we are seeing more and more expats choosing to “opt-out” of their stress-filled lives back home – whether in Canada, US or Europe – for a more relaxed and refreshing way of life in Costa Rica.

Mr. Berg is currently developing a beachfront community in Playa Herradura near Jaco where he sells beachfront new construction homes for under $150,000. (Villa Bella de Herradura)

Another industry benefiting from increased Costa Rica marketing is the medical tourism sector.

Costa Rica medical tourism is certainly on the rise – with US educated, joint commission certified doctors and nurses, Costa Rica has become a mecca for medical tourists looking for affordable medical procedures with “perks.”

Perks like post surgery recovery on pristine white sand beaches, or reclining in the hammock slung between a couple palms while you bath in the sounds of waves as they lap the shore. Sound like the kind of place you’d like to be “recovering” in?

You and thousands of others each year.

These are but a few of the arenas reaping the rewards of creative and convincing marketing campaigns.

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