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Bring it! How We Bring Our Baggage With Us


A troubled marriage. One blissful week. A decision is made.

Costa Rica. This small Central American country bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, appears to be growing in popularity amongst expatriates.

There is almost a tug ‘o’ war going on between Panama and Costa Rica who often run neck and neck for popularity on the world’s top places to retire. One year Costa Rica leads and the next, it’s Panama.

When countries bide for your tourism or retirement dollars, what you’ll find is plenty of rhetoric about how great life is in either country. This is not to say it’s not accurate however you really should consider many other factors before believing it’s the right move for you!

It is tough to say the ‘actual’ statistics on return rates for expats who move away to other countries however I’m fairly confident it is above 50% and that would be a conservative guess.

Free Your Emotional Baggage

The Costa Rica jungle can be a lonely place if you are not entirely at peace with yourself or your relationship. This is why you’ll need to consider your own “baggage” you’ll be bringing with you when you come. Because if you do not…you’ll become just another statistic that didn’t make it.

When it comes to moving to Costa Rica, here are a few considerations to put on your list before packing up and moving the family or yourself.

1. Seclusion. Often the power goes out, no water or even roads get wiped out.

2. Cultural differences. And I tell you, they are drastically different.

3. Can you live without? Living without 90% of what you are use to back home like Starbucks, McDonald’s, WalMart, the foods you like and pretty much an array of things that you will no longer have at your disposal.

4. Language. Learn it or don’t even consider moving.

5. For men and women alike…the Costa Ricans are known worldwide as being some of the most beautiful in the world. Can your relationship withstand the temptations?

To expand a little on the last one, the story of a married couple moving to Costa Rica with dreams of building a dream life on their newly purchased Costa Rica property, are common place here. However what is even more common are the stories told a short time later when the relationship was not strong enough to begin with and once tempted, one strays. Stories are rampant about this kind of thing and some claim 40% or higher of couples that move here end in divorce a short time later.

Essentially it is important to clean out your own closets first before packing up and moving, with all your baggage, to a place like Costa Rica and expect that your troubles will simply disappear with a geographical change of scenery.

Speaking from personal experience? You bet. Not exactly as above however, but the end result was the same.

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