All Aboard! 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Going on a Cruise

Did you know it costs between $260 million and $1.31 billion dollars to build a cruise ship? This is for ships carrying under 500 passengers and over 5,000 passengers, respectively.

Do you know what that kind of money can buy? A whole lot, that’s what!

Cruise ships are self-enclosed communities that travel. Comfort, entertainment, amazing food, and all they have to offer is available 24/7.

That’s why going on a cruise for your vacation can be so enjoyable.

Read on to find out why it is also surprisingly good for your health.

Why Do People Go On Cruises?

There are some well-known reasons that answer this question.

People rave about the food and the beautiful sights they see off the coast and in port.

They believe they get a good value for the money they spend.

There is also plenty to appeal to people of different ages and personalities. There are quieter, relaxing spaces and places bursting at the seams with fun and excitement.

In short, something for everyone. Including ways that will improve their health.

Five Health Tips for Going on a Cruise

There is so much fun to have on a cruise. Non-stop entertainment options onboard. Exciting ports to visit.

What’s surprising is how much going on a cruise can do for your health. Here are five ways.

1. Get Some Exercise

Cruises of all sizes have so many options for ways to get some exercise, many of which are wonderfully disguised as just plain fun!

Laze around the pool and take intermittent swims in their beautiful pools to cool off.

Spend some time dancing while enjoying great music with people you already know and the fun people you meet onboard.

Other activities will be available as well, depending on the size of your cruise ship and the destinations you travel to.

For example, if you were to take one of the Celebrity cruises to the Bahamas, you could also swim with pigs, or, for the even more adventurous – dive or snorkel with sharks!

No matter which cruise you go on or which ports you stop in, you will never be without many options for getting your heart and body some healthy exercise.

2. Lower Your Stress Level

Many people find planning a vacation stressful because they have to decide everything. Where to travel to, where to stay, where to eat, and so on. When you go on a cruise, so much of that is taken care of simply by booking your room.

So you’ve already saved yourself some stress just by opting to spend your vacation time on a cruise.

But, also, a study found that just 20 minutes of contact with nature can reduce stress levels. Those minutes can be spent by either strolling or sitting.

Onboard, remember to spend some time walking along the deck (or sitting on a lounge chair) where you can see the ocean and feel the cool, salty breeze while you watch for sea birds or animals to pass by. All while lowering your stress level. Now that is a win-win.

When in port, there will surely be beaches and other nature spots nearby to explore. Do a little bit of pre-cruise research or read about day trip ideas provided by the cruise ship company.

3. Relax and Rejuvenate

Cruises offer many ways to relax. You can opt to get a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, and take luxurious time out by hanging out in a sauna or jacuzzi.

You can also take some time to read that book you’ve been meaning to get to while soaking up the sun on a lounge chair by the pool or in the privacy of your own room.

Or perhaps hanging out at the casino at a table is more relaxing for you. If so, taking a cruise will have you covered there, too.

Just let yourself unwind and rejuvenate. It will do you good.

4. Unplug for Better Sleep

On most cruises, paying for data on your phone and computers will likely cost a bundle. So why not save yourself some money and take the time to unplug and leave the gadgets alone for a while, especially at night.

A Harvard study determined that people who read on electronic devices near bedtime makes it harder for them to get to sleep. Then, once they do get to sleep, their REM timing is off and they produce less melatonin.

Wouldn’t it be nice to come back from a vacation feeling rested?

5. Prolong Your Life

The simple act of just taking more vacation time may prolong your life, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging.

The study found that, over a thirty year period, participants who took less than three weeks annual vacation per year had a 37% higher chance of dying than those who took more than three weeks vacation.

So be sure to get in your vacation time.

Plan Your Cruise Today

Stop dreaming about your next amazing vacation and book your trip today.

Going on a cruise will do your body, soul and mind wonders.

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Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.