10 Best Routes For Cross-Country Road Trip in United States

Jack Kerouac’s song On the Road perfectly encapsulates the essence of every American road trip. The concept of road trips, which was already quite famous around the country, has been further glamorized by movies, television shows and books. So much so, that road trips have become one of the most important traditions that defines America!

Well-constructed roads traversing through various topographies and diverse landscapes make America an ideal place for embarking upon a cross-country road trip. So, fill up the gas tank, crank up the music and undertake a memorable road adventure! Confused about where to go? TripHobo presents you the list of 10 best routes for cross-country road trips in the United States.

Route 66, Illinois to California

Starting at Chicago, Illinois and going up to Santa Monica, California, Route 66 also known as the Mother Road and the Main Street of America, runs directly through countless towns of all sizes. The whole course runs through 2,450 miles of grasslands, red rocks, craters and along the Mississippi River.

Great River Road, Minnesota to Louisiana

Drive along the length of the mighty Mississippi River, from North in Minnesota to the South in Louisiana. This route is full of surprises. Get ready to encounter the unexpected hilly terrain in Wisconsin and Iowa, to the Delta region from Memphis to New Orleans.

Pacific Coast Highway

pacific coast highway

Drive along the winding oceanfront road of Pacific Coast Highway that stretches for more than 650 miles along the California coast. Travel through the redwood-packed town of Leggett in the north, then pass through the biggies of San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles before reaching the famous Orange County in the south.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina


Historic towns, Appalachian forests, mountain ranges and the spectacular scenery of the Shenandoah National Park fall along the way as you take the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs from outside of Richmond, Virginia down to near Asheville, North Carolina. A relaxed drive, this route provides some of the most picturesque views of rolling hills and natural wonders.

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway – Colorado and Utah

As the name suggests, the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway loops through some of the most celebrated places in Palaeontology. Begin at Dinosaur National Monument, before heading south on Colorado 64, and the Colorado 139, to reach the Dinosaur Hill and the Dinosaur Journey Museum in the town of Fruita.

Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country has one of the most scenic road trip prospects in the southern part of the United States. Start from Austin, the capital of Texas, and then make your way on to the U.S. Highway 290, through Johnson City, then Hunt, Rocksprings, Uvalde, and San Antonio. Enjoy a variety of popular attractions along the way like Pedernales Falls State Park, Bandera, known as the Cowboy Capital of the planet and Devil’s Sinkhole.

I-90 Across America

Running from Boston to Seattle, I-90 is an off-the-beaten-path road trip route in America. However, this seriously underrated route presents the best of natural and topographic diversity – dense forests of the Northeast, the northern plains, the mighty Rocky Mountains and the Cascade Range, and three of the Great Lakes.

Highway 1 through the Florida Keys

This is an opportunity to drive on an oceanfront road, right on the edge of Caribbean, Highway 1 is a laid-back route to drive on. A road trip on this route takes you along some of the popular tourist attractions like Seven Mile Bridge, the Ernest Hemingway House, the Dolphin Research Centre and the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

Utah, Wyoming and Montana

monument valley

Drive through unfamiliar terrain down a seemingly endless road with nothing but blue skies and pine forests to keep you company in a 1082-mile-road-trip on Interstate 90 and WY-120 East.

A Hawaiian Road Trip

Brace yourselves for live volcano encounters, endless coasts and breathtaking sunsets as you undertake a road trip in Hawaii. Take the road to Hana – Maui which is looped with 620 curves, 59 narrow bridges and along red, white and black sand beaches.

Road trips in America spell adventure and excitement. Pack your bags and hit the road to explore the best of this country up-close!

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